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clock collection

  1. __on_the_verge

    18th c 18th Century Dutch Longcase Clock

    So, recently I obtained this 18th century Dutch Longcase clock by Gerrit Ter Vooren, C. 1760. I am very excited as this kind of clock is very rare, but its rarity also poses some difficulty in finding information. It has complications for the moon phase, date and seconds. There is a ship...
  2. Ticktocktime100

    A Christmas thread: your best buy(s) of 2020

    Hi all, A very merry Christmas to all contributors and their loved ones, along with my very best wishes for 2021. It’s been a difficult one this year, but hopefully some encouraging developments lie ahead. I thought a good, simple Christmas topic would be your best buy(s), either in terms of...
  3. ScotSun


    My daughter had her Master's graduation at the University of Delaware this weekend. As part of our family weekend, we went to Winterthur which was a property owned by the duPont family. One of the owners collected A LOT of antiques and I snapped a few pics. If you happen to be in the Wilmington...

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