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  1. E

    20th c Clock Case Restoration/Cleaning

    Ok… The clock I am posting about, with images, it is a Seth Thomas, I think as the movement is stamped that way. Also I could not find it Vol 1 and 2 of Tran Du Ly Books. I would like to restore this clock. It is a family member's clock. With all that said. I am hopeful that you can help me out...
  2. M

    Dial Cleaning

    Hi guys, I'm slowly learning and improving my skills to service and repair watches and getting good results. One area I've yet to tackle is how to clean up a dial. I don't want to get in re-luming/re-lacquering etc. just yet, just a basic clean of dust and dirt to improve the look of the dial...
  3. M

    When cleaning older (100 yr) movement, do you want clean and shiny or just functional?

    I picked up an old Mauthe GF clock, and it is in serious need of cleaning. However, part of the charm is that it just "looks" old. For those of you that have cleaned one or more old clocks in the past, did you try to make it look shiny and new, or did you keep the old look and clean, polish...
  4. M

    Help Requesting guidance for disassembly, cleaning, reassambly, and lubricating

    Hello I am John from Colorado, and I am still very new to all of this. I have typical basic tools, although it looks like I could use a standard flat blade screwdriver that has been sharpened to help with some abnormally narrow screw slots. What do you all use for screws that are relatively...
  5. M

    Help Good preliminary cleaning of grandfather clock movement?

    My wife picked up a Seth Thomas grandfather clock with weights and chains for $25. It keeps time, but the chimes do not work. I would like to do a good basic preliminary cleaning and oiling on it to get some idea of how good or bad the movement's condition might be. I know the best thing would...
  6. T

    Plated Chelsea Clock case: How to clean w/o ruining finish?

    Hi All: This seems a bit more than tarnish; these are bumps. And what's more, they're on top of a Chelsea clock case that has a factory plating over the brass. Is there a way to remove the tarnish without ruining the original finish? Thanks for any advice...Tod
  7. Bradford Needham

    How to clean a cuckoo dial without smearing

    I've read various notes on this forum recommending cleaning cuckoo clock dials with either Gojo or, if wood, a mild cleanser. My problem is that no matter what I use - even water or spit on a cotton swab - the black stain on the dial smears and discolors the painted numerals (in one case, so...
  8. Britannicus

    traveling and watch cleaning

    I regularly travel on business, and my preferred wind-down in the evening is to get out my traveling tool case, head visor and tinker with a pocket watch Ive got off ebay and see if I can fix it. Now I have a problem - I want to take my portable ultrasonic with me, but don't want to cart lots...
  9. bangster

    I yam cleaning Scottie's clock

    I decided to start a new thread, rather than cluttering the original one. Besides what I mentioned in old ref::THAT thread, here's what I have discovered about this darling movement that Scottie has sent me for "cleaning": (ph = pivot hole) On the bottom plate, the fan p.h. is punched on the...
  10. B

    Cleaning cases... what is the bestway?

    Howdy!! I’m working on a WaterBury Kitchen clock. Its brown and white almost like an antique crackle. What is the best way to clean the case? I’ve been using hand cleaner but it leave’s a haze on the case. Also, what’s the best way to clean a black mantle clock too.. You guys are awesome...
  11. Tom Kloss

    Your opinion on the necessity of cleaning a movement.

    A little scenario: You have a movement cleaned, repaired, oiled and assembled. You put it under test and, something show up that will require the movement to be broken down for a additional repair or adjustment. You pick the reason. Question: Would you, or do you have to do a complete...
  12. C

    Brass case cleaning

    I have purchased an Ansonia Peer crystal regulator that has a very dull, tarnished brass case. The Ly description is "rich gold" so I assume the brass was meant to be bright. Is this correct? What is the best way to get there? Thanks for your help. Charlie
  13. J

    cleaning and oiling movements

    I am new to clock repairs. Does anyone know where I can get detailed information on proper methods for cleaning and oiling movements? Thanks
  14. P

    Cleaning machine

    I would like to move up from my old L&R cleaning machine to an ultrasonic. I would appreciate any advice as to make,,model and or experience. With Thanks, Phil Hannah
  15. L

    Zenith cleaning machine help

    I am rewiring an old Zenith square jar cleaning machine(4 jar recesses with heated drying cylinder).The large resistor that limits the current to the rotation motor is bad and I am trying to find out what the correct resistance is(the resistor mounted to one side with a long screw and nut).Does...
  16. 1

    Pocket watch assembled movement cleaning

    I recently view a popular DVD for watch repair. The video was good except the guy recommended cleaning an assembled movement in the ultrasonic cleaner. He stated that the powerful waves and solution would reach every cranny and pivots of the watch. I wonder if the powerful vibrations might not...
  17. Cynthia

    the first cleaning

    Hi guys! I'm back again :smile: Well, I finally have some time to work on NettieRue's case. Y'all know she's dirty with real dirt from the ground - and a couple skeletal remains from a Mayfly and a spider. Who knows what tortures she experienced? What is the best way to clean her so I can...
  18. Cathy in Hawaii

    Black Chelsea ships clock - many take apart & cleaning questions

    Aloha Clock Folk, The current project clock is a black cased (phenolic? bakelite?) ship's clock. It is in dire need of cleaning & oiling (RUST has been seen!)as well as has a broken black steel lever. 1. How does the minute/hour shaft/wheel come off the main plate? There is a big geared...
  19. P

    American PW Local Repair/ Cleaning RR Watch- S.E. Michigan area

    I was just bitten by the Railroad Watch collecting bug, and am REALLY a newbie at this. I just purchased a few Railroad watches and one of them, a 23 Jewel Illinois Bunn Special has some slight rust spots beginning on the main wheel and the ratchet wheel, so I suppose that I should have the...
  20. J

    950 white gold finish question about cleaning

    I recently acquired a Hamilton 950. As you know this watch has beautiful white gold finish on bridge plates. Is there any special care needed in cleaning? Is this finish just plating? Regards, John

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