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chime clock

  1. deepakbensam

    Help Kienzle German wall clock with Westminster gong from about 1910-1920

    Hi, My Kienzle clock chimes are faster than usual. It plays all 16 notes in 11 seconds. Can anybody help me with how to slow the chime settings. My friend has a similar clock that plays all 16 notes in 20 seconds. Since I am a beginner it would be helpful if somebody helps me with this.
  2. N

    Please ID this Clock Unknown Chiming Mantel Clock

    Hi. I'm new to the forum and I'm looking for some help to identify a mantel clock which I was given a few years ago. I know very little about clocks so please excuse me if I use the wrong terminology. The clock is a wooden case mantel clock, I think the shape is a napoleon hat? There are art...
  3. B

    Requesting Winterharter & Hofmeier 9 tube mechanism photos

    I'm attempting to determine if the W&H 9 tube mechanism had a lock or detent for the control arm that depresses the pin barrel to allow it to play the second of two tunes. I believe that mine is missing this piece, which probably was just a bent length of spring steel. I am looking for any...

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