1. E

    20th c Clock Case Restoration/Cleaning

    Ok… The clock I am posting about, with images, it is a Seth Thomas, I think as the movement is stamped that way. Also I could not find it Vol 1 and 2 of Tran Du Ly Books. I would like to restore this clock. It is a family member's clock. With all that said. I am hopeful that you can help me out...
  2. vanjuxa

    Gold hallmarks on modern watches

    Most antique watches has the hallmark on back case and mid case ( cant remember bezel ) current example is Modern Blancpain watch case back got the hallmark of gold on mid case there are some letters J + B and no idea what does it mean is it gold at all.... thanks for advice
  3. B

    Watch Help WANTED: Several bits and bobs

    1) 12s South Bend lower balance cap jewel 2) 12s Illinois lower balance cap jewel 3) 12s Illinois stem for Wadsworth 12s case 4) 12s Wadsworth case sleeve 5) 12s Fahys case sleeve Every single one of these are apparently non-existent. if you have any of these so sell, I’ll pay up to $25cdn for...
  4. Dave Scoggins

    Cast Iron Case Info

    I found a beautiful cast iron clock case that I would love to know what type of movement would have been in it. I plan to restore the case. It appears the movement would have attached to the backplate, as there are 4 holes on it, an no mounting holes inside on the case face. Any one have any...
  5. S

    Sharing (my first purchase)

    I am new to the hobby, never collected or repaired watches. Somehow, during quarantine go interested in the subject and made my first purchase. I tried to do my research and learn as much as i can by googling and reading the threads here. Spotted this guy on one of the estate auction. Got...
  6. T

    Plated Chelsea Clock case: How to clean w/o ruining finish?

    Hi All: This seems a bit more than tarnish; these are bumps. And what's more, they're on top of a Chelsea clock case that has a factory plating over the brass. Is there a way to remove the tarnish without ruining the original finish? Thanks for any advice...Tod
  7. Rod Schaffter

    Advice on Herschede Windsor GF with Jauch chain movement

    Hi Gang, I just aquired a Herschede #325 Windsor clock. It needs work, but it came with the door key. :D I have no experience with tall-case clocks except for fixing the chimes on my Father in Laws' Colonial, which, coincidentally, appears to have the same movement as this clock (it appears...
  8. B. J. Taylor

    English Looking for info and possibly assistance.

    I just obtained an Enfield case clock at auction recently and have a few questions. Of course the square bezel had a chipped glass and none of my usual sources had a glass for it listed 6.5" domed glass. The strike train had been removed for some reason and I now have the task of trying to find...
  9. W

    Missing trim wood type?

    Hi guys, I’ve recently acquired a really nice HAC clock which will be a great second clock to work on servicing, repairing and restoring. The case, whilst in generally good shape, is missing some of it’s decorative trim at the bottom. I am keen to craft a piece to fill the small missing...
  10. Just-in-time

    Hebdomas Questions from a watch newbi.

    I am in South Africa and I have restored Clocks for a few years now. I have started on watches just recently and I have striped and cleaned a few that are running well. I can change the balance staff and get the watch it back in beat with some trial and error. My latest Challenge is a Hebdomas...
  11. musicguy

    Case, Carrying, Watch, Navigation U. S. Army A. C.

    I always wanted one of these "cans" and recently acquired one. These are not rare, and I know many people here have them. It's a WW2 Era U. S. Army A. C. Master Navigation Watch protective "can" type case. Made by GEO. H Adamson Tecumseh, Michigan, U.S.A. It's very heavy for it's size, and it...
  12. D

    Dust Proof Case

    I know this is more of a repair question, but being that it is an 18 size silver dust proof style case I thought I'd ask here. The question is how should it work. The said case has a crown that is more squared than round. It is supposed to thread down onto the pendant. The threads are OK. The...
  13. RON in PA

    Philadelphia Watch Case Co. case

    Just obtained a 1921 vintage South Bend 227 housed in a Philadelphia Watch Case Co. gold appearing screw back case. The usual logo of the company name surrounding a crown,all within a circle, is stamped into the inside of the case back. Below the logo is the word "crown" as well as a serial...
  14. P

    'Tightening' cottage clock case

    hello, I wonder if it is possible to bring the edges of a cottage clock closer so that there will be less gap in between the edges. The case is structurally stable and does not move or tilt to one side when I exert pressure on the case. I am afraid I might damage the case if I use some sort of...
  15. J

    pickering tall case phila clock

    i inherited a tall case clock with with little info except it has joseph pickering and philadelphia on the face. i tried researching it at the phila public library but came up with little more than it is c.1820 any firther info would be appreciated.
  16. R

    star case watch co.

    can't seem to get anything up on this co. have an old elgin watch, with a star case, would like info, if anyone has any
  17. W

    Dueber Case mark - 14K or GF?

    Can anyone shed some light on this to help me cofirm whether it is solid 14K or gold filled? I am pretty sure it is solid, but just want to make sure....
  18. D

    Pocket watch crown case taps

    I have a pocket watch case that the threads are mess up in the case, does anyone know where you can buy a tap to chase the threads? Thanks David
  19. G

    Mechanical WW removal of wax from NOS case

    Greetings, I have a NOS case for my old Omega Memomatic. The case arrived with what appears to be purple wax covering certain areas; i.e. edges and back. I'd be grateful on advice as to how to remove this material safely. For example, I would think that I'd want to avoid use of solvent that...
  20. C

    Brass case cleaning

    I have purchased an Ansonia Peer crystal regulator that has a very dull, tarnished brass case. The Ly description is "rich gold" so I assume the brass was meant to be bright. Is this correct? What is the best way to get there? Thanks for your help. Charlie

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