black forest

  1. Jeremy Woodoff

    Black Forest Jockele Clock

    A new acquisition is this Back Forest Jockele porcelain-front wall clock. The front is 4 3/4" tall and is hand painted, with the picture on top outlined with a transfer but hand-colored. The movement box is 3" high by 2 1/4" wide. It's time only, but these sometimes also had strike and/or alarm...
  2. A

    New recoil pallet drawing for (very) old Black Forest

    Dear all, my name is Matteo, I'm new on this forum and I'm writing from Italy. I'm trying to restore an old Black Forest shield clock (about 1820). I have a big problem, since the anchor is missing, and I came into a frustrating loop of attempts that lead to nothing. Do you have any suggestion...
  3. L

    Unknown maker

    Hello, first time poster. I recently inherited this three wight clock with no documentation. A name would be nice but more importantly is the weights. Two of them are solid, but one is hollow. Any help on which goes where? Thank you in advance. Larry
  4. O

    Black Forest - cannot remove hands

    I was planning to clean and oil and old Black Forest wall clock. I wanted to remove the hands, but noticed that the nut on the center arbor was stuck. Trying to unscrew it only makes the arbor itself come out several millimeters before it eventually stops (please see attached images). Not sure...
  5. dgmcrm

    Black Forest Cuckoo Metal Bird

    I purchased this cuckoo clock at auction in March 2018. It appears to be a typical late 19th/early 20th century clock. The unmarked movement plates and parts are all cast brass, and the back plate is held with taper pins. The clock has been nicely restored, and unlike most stuff I buy, it is...

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