1. musicguy

    The Ball "Rotator Second" 12s Gentlemans watch

    A few years back I really thought that the Rotating Seconds, or AKA Secometer watches were really (really really) cool. It seemed to me back then that the 12s White Gold-Filled Ball Watch Company Rotator Second in factory case with numbers on the bezel was the Holy Grail of them all (at least in...
  2. R

    Ball Official RR Standard silver tone pocketwatch

    I found a Ball Official RR Standard silver tone open face pocket watch at a thrift store recently and I'm having trouble dating it. It has a plastic/celluloid crystal, is 19 jewel and I think 16s. Serial number is B0505673. The back has an engraving of a train that is badly worn. From the little...
  3. musicguy

    Ball Spoon BLE (Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and trainmen)

    I saw this official B. of L. E. souvenir Ball Watch Co Sterling Spoon Ephemera on eBay with a few minutes left and I put the one and only bid on it. I'm not a spoon collector but this one is nice. (I used photos with permission) This full size (5-7/8”) Sterling Silver Ball Watch Company...
  4. S

    Ball watch Co. Help please

    I was wondering if someone could help identify a pocket watch i have. inscribed on the movement is: Sapphire Pallets 17Jewels Serial number: 923256 Pat. DEC.8.08 Pat.Aug.18.96 Patented Nov.17.96 Trademark Official RR Standard Motor barrel Double Roller Adjusted 5 Positions Ball watch CO...
  5. Jeff Hess


    Here is an interesting (if anecdotal) handwritten note I just uncvoered from the Webb C. BAll Archives concerning what is probably one of the Record Watch Company pocket watches...referencing some testing from the Neuchatel chronometer certificate issued to BAll and company. This is titled "16s...
  6. G

    Ball Indicator Question

    Hello, I have the 16s Ball wind indicator. I have put all the parts back together(with correct serial numbers) I still have extra parts for the indicator mech. I saw a book in Los Angeles that had all indicator parts for the 16 size Waltham model 1908 and the other, i think its the 1912 model...
  7. Jeff Hess

    Ball skindiver

    Here is an interesting watch that was shared with my by the Ball Watch Museum. I have never seen this one before! Have any of you seen this is person or in a catalogue? Any info appreciated! Jeff Hess
  8. G

    Ball 999 Marking

    Does anyone know when Ball first started using the 999 designation on their watches and was it a Reg. Trademark? Was it used by anyone else? Thanks for any info.
  9. Jeff Hess

    prototype BALL

    http://static.flickr.com/25/65977380_acaea2c529.jpg http://static.flickr.com/33/65977382_9f1cb1496f_m.jpg Been chasing this one for a while for the BAll collection... From Roys estate.. some of you have seen it.. Roy said it was a Ball Rockford Prototype. The front plate and the train bridge...
  10. J

    Waltham Comercial Standard Ball Question

    I've just purchased a Waltham 16s Ball HC Comercial Standard 16 jewel Ser no.200726, The crown and rachet wheel have the usual Waltham swirl pattern, should it have the Ball 3 circular rings??? Replaced or the lower end of the line had the standard Waltham pattern?
  11. G

    Ball Watch Case

    If I purchase a Ball watch case with the wrong movement on one of the well known venues for such things and later list it with the proper movement, am I a switcher? Just wondering.
  12. P

    Ball Hamilton 999 Sun Ray

    Hey....What are your opinions on the Sun Ray pattern as opposed to the Circular pattern on these 18 size 999's?? what was the production #s for these? Did all the 999's come originally with Ball Cases? or what would have been another case appropriate for these? Thanks
  13. R

    early ball watches

    i collect early rare and unique ball watches and would like to correspond with other collectors of same doc ron
  14. J

    Ball Watch

    I have just been shown a 16 size Ball Waltham 21 jewel watch. Both movement and dial are marked Official Railroad Standard. The hands are strange. They are an open design, and Shugart calls them the "correct" hands for an Illinois Ball. Are they proper on a Waltham Ball. Also the dots on...
  15. D

    rolling ball watch

    Candy: I believe you are referring to the "Mido Melik" made in the 30's. I don't know much about it, other than it is very neat and very rare. Hope this helps.

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