1. M

    ı need ınformation.

    This watch is for my grandfather who died. and we don't know the price of it. We want to get informationl. We do not know how old it is, but we think it is estimated to be 80-90 years. I apologize if I have the wrong word. my english is intermediate. thanks for helps.
  2. T

    Silver Verge Fusee Clock

    Hi , I am looking for description and information and about this incredible silver verge fusee clock . Who made it ? and which year was made ? It seems to be an alarm watch because the dial has 4 holes , but I don't know what each hole is used for ? This clock was belong to a military and royal...
  3. M

    When cleaning older (100 yr) movement, do you want clean and shiny or just functional?

    I picked up an old Mauthe GF clock, and it is in serious need of cleaning. However, part of the charm is that it just "looks" old. For those of you that have cleaned one or more old clocks in the past, did you try to make it look shiny and new, or did you keep the old look and clean, polish...
  4. A

    1800s Swiss pocket watch

    As many others were led here, I too have a family heirloom that I’d like to try and find out a bit more on. I’ve been enjoying reading through the posts and the well cultivated encyclopedia and learning what I can, but I’d certainly appreciate any insight members might have to illuminate the...
  5. lesley e nolan

    Antique Tiffany early Never Wind clock needs repairs

    Greetings folks, New here. I am a bird automaton person-- so clocks are not my forte! I bought an antique Tiffany Never wind with glass dome a few years ago at auction. It looks like the earliest version, has the very heavy brass ball weights that hang from a wire. Well, took it to a local clock...
  6. annecz

    Heavy little "Angelus" treasure from my grandfather

    Hi there, my name is Anne and this Angelus Clock is a heritage. I couldn't find any information about the company or the age. Found similar (but not identical) Angelus clocks which where dated 50ies/60ies. Number of the bottom is 1003. Its more than 2,2 pounds. Measures: 9,5x13,5 cm The...
  7. S

    E. Ingraham clock

    Ive had this clock for a while now and decided I wanted to find out more about it. I was able to trace the serial number on the movement to March of 1905. Unfortunately, the instructions on the back are in taters, namely the area denoting the model. It looks very similar to the "Rose" model and...
  8. C

    History and Value of Antique British United Clock Co. Clock If Possible

    I recently purchased this mantel clock and would love to learn about it. The patent number is 2. No damage other than the two small chips on the clock face. I know the company operated from 1885-1905, but what is unique is that the American flag only features 20 stars, which only existed...
  9. J

    A few new additions...

    Just thought I'd share a few new additions to the hoard... I mean collection. I apologize in advance for the dust and terrible photography.
  10. D

    Audemar Piguet pocket watch research

    Hello, A firend has inherited some family heirlooms and one of the items of interest is a pocket watch she currently has encased in a frame with photos of a relative she believes the watch belonged to. As the relative was a well-known civil war Brigadier General, she believes it is from the time...
  11. D

    Repaired in 1908!! How old is this cuckoo?

    Any help identifying is appreciated. S.E. Colorado area.
  12. K

    An antique chronometer ATIKAM

    Hello guys, Here is an image of an ancient wristwatch movement. The watch has a porcelian dial and a brand name of ATIKAM. I would guess it was made around 1900, but no imformation could be found on the web. It is interesting that it has blue color jewels on the working side and ruby jewels on...
  13. P

    Antique Grandfather Clock

    I am looking for information, any and all, that I can find on a Grandfather clock. The following information is all that I can find on the clock and it is ztamped on the works: Leonh Kranzter Zurich and the numbers 10 5 28 16 188 60 Schw. Any info that you can provide will greatly appreciated.
  14. C

    Any hinfo. with this antique pocket watch....

    I don't know much at all about watches or this one in particular. I will tell you ALL I know and any help, advice or knowledge of this watch would be much appreciated. We are trying to find out where it originated and its estimated value. All info I have is from my father... -repaired in 1920...
  15. Billy

    Brimfield Antique Market- good stomping ground for clocks?

    Hi All, Heading to Brimfield, Mass. antique flea next week. Never been there, so just wondering if anyone else has and what are the chances of finding some good deals? Billy :cool:
  16. R

    Antique Boetlgers Demagnetizer

    CJ, I have an identical demagnetizer and have always wondered what it was used for. Any idea?
  17. R

    definition of vintage vs antique wristwatch

    It is my understanding that "for all practical puposes" an item becomes an antique when it is 100 years old. Seems that is a rule of thumb. If that is truly the case---then many people advertise antiques that are probably collectibles.
  18. Bob Reichel

    Need casewaork repair of antique grandfather clock

    Try searching out the local antique shops for a recommendation of who they use to restore their furniture. Here is Seattle we have an expert furniture restorer who works in his basement doing absolutely magnificent work. No advetising. He also teaches veneer repair classes at the woodworkers...
  19. E

    Antique Pocket Watch

    Paul, there is reference in Britten's "Old Clocks and Watches and Their Makers" that provides only and I quote: "Bates, Thomas. Market Harboro', From 1783-about 1800 C.C. Watch." If the watch is genuine, then it was made during that short period by a "Brother" of the Clockmaker's Company. The...

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