1. Z

    Replacing Suspension Spring Ansonia Kitchen Clock

    Hi, Could someone tell me how to replace a suspension spring on a Ansonia clock, looks like a friction fit to the suspension rod but not sure, also where is a supplier for one was ordering from Larose till they closed so looking for another good supplier if someone can recommend <a...
  2. B

    Ansonia Australia Shelf Clock Parts

    Can someone help me locate a source for the following parts for my Antique Ansonia Australia shelf clock? A suspension spring and complete pendulum. Thank you
  3. M

    Help identifying Ansonia Royal Bonn clock

    Hi all, I'm new to this group. Hope you can help. I'm in a bit of a quandary. I inherited my grandmother's Ansonia Royal Bonn clock. I'm puzzled since the number and model on the back (#2993, La France) do not match any picture I've seen in any book or on line, nor have I seen a clock with...
  4. D

    Ansonia Steeple Clock

    I'm curious about when this Ansonia Steeple Clock might have been made. Its a 30 hour pinned movement, the label address is Ansonia Clock Co. Ansonia, Conn. It has what appears to be a Civil War theme on the glass, Drum, crossed cannons, and cannon balls, a soldier on each side, crossed flags on...
  5. L

    Seth Thomas #1 ID or is it an Ansonia

    I have what appears to be a rosewood ST #1 regulator from say the 1870s. It has the rectangular movement (on a seat board)with maintaining power with the weight behind the weight board. It is the weight board that is unusual in that it too appears to be a regular ST weight board except it...
  6. R

    Ansonia mainsprings

    I have an iron Ansonia black mantle. It's timekeeping fell off drastically after about four days. I took it apart and in measuring the mainsprings, I found the time side to be .015 and the stike ot be .014 thick. They are both 3/4 X about 90. Should these be the standard .018 size or did Ansonia...
  7. E

    Ansonia clock inquiry

    ok, I figured out the photo procedure.. If anyone has info for us on this beautiful clock, please let us know.
  8. A

    Can someone please identify this old (Ansonia) clock?

    Hi, someone is selling this old clock and believes it is an Ansonia clock from around 1880-90. The movement is signed but not the dial. My Tran Duy Ly Ansonia book has not yet arrived so I wonder if someone can look this up in the meantime. The seller says the clock is in running order but...
  9. L

    Help to ID model, any Ansonia Experts out there

    Hi All, I'm new to Nawcc and and the world of clocks. LaBounty (David)was kind enough to post my photo for me and has researched a bit as well. Were both stomped as there are 2 models that are close to mine but not quite. Possibly someone can offer some additonal insight. Please go to my...
  10. A

    Ansonia Crystal Palace Clock

    Just picked up this one and i am wondering if the dome is the original to the clock. The glass is very thick and wavey with air bubbles. The pictures that i have seen of these clocks have no knob on the dome. The dome does look hand blown. thanks Angelo
  11. N

    Ansonia or Waterbury?

    I am still struggling to identify this clock. Someone has suggested it may be a Waterbury frame married to an Ansonia movement. I have no access to reference books, and the local bookstore doesn't have any, either. I can use some help identifying this clock and/or learning where I can find...
  12. owen.or

    Ansonia "Ansonia"

    I recently acquired a clock which appears to be an Ansonia Clock Company model called "Ansonia". It is pictured in Tran Duy Ly on page 169,clock #548. My clock has an unsigned movement, and there are subtle cosmetic differences: a)top finial is different b)base rosette is a lion's head on mine...
  13. H

    Ansonia Beehive 1863 - What Is Correct Pendulum??

    Hello, Clock supply houses (Merritt's, LaRose, Timesaver's) can provide correct pendulum for eight day and 30 hour movements. The bob should be a brass faced adjustable bob. The standard eight day version is @2" diameter and the standard 30 hour version is @1 3/4" diameter. Cordially, Carl
  14. popeye

    Ansonia Sonia #2-Chime-How Off/On Works?

    I have an Ansonia Sonia #2 mantle clock. On the rim there is a hole with a "key" and it says chime off/on. I tried putting the small end of 2 sided key on it and doesn't fit. It does fit the F/S key. Am I doing something wrong to turn this off or on. How does it work? I am attaching picture of...
  15. owen.or

    Ansonia (New York)

    It is in fact an Ansonia clock. The model name is "Burton"c.1894. It sold for $5.50 at the time. The case appears to be oak. The glass and pendulum are definitely original. The hands and dial look old and original to me as well. If by "cleaning" you are referring to the movement, give us your...
  16. M

    Ansonia Gretchen or Terpsichore

    Does anyone have an original of either of these clock statues, showing the color /finish ,so that I may see an up close photo? Thanks in advance, Gretchen is on pg 148 & Terpsicore is on pg 145 , in Trans book.Mike.
  17. A

    Ansonia Crystal Reg

    Just finished overhauling an Ansonia Crystal regulator and the strike sounds bad, has a lot of vibration tin sound. I have checked all the glass panels and both doors for tightness. The sound seems to be resonating from the gong stand because it gets better if I grasp the stand during...
  18. S

    22" Ansonia Statue Pendulum Clock

    It appears that the timing mechanism inside functions--sprockets turn, small pendulum inside clock ball on top swings. An antique clock repair shop tells me I am missing the suspension coil that holds the pendulum clock onto the statue's arm. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to obtain that...
  19. Robert Ling

    ansonia triumph

    Graeme, Great story. Finding the original cupids was real luck as most of these clocks I've seen always have them replaced with reproductions. Be carefull with cleaning as the original patina is what most collectors prize. I use Howard's orange oil on my clocks, it cleans and feeds the wood...
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