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  1. E

    Ansonia Tower Clock: Restoration Question

    Hello! I am new to both this forum and the world of tower clocks, and I'm hoping some people could offer some generous expertise. Apologies in advance for any malapropisms. I am a researcher at a fine art and antique gallery in New Orleans, and we were fortunate enough to acquire a near perfect...
  2. S

    Ansonia American Mystery electrified Ansonia movement - info requested

    Hello I have recently started to refurbish old clocks as a retirement hobby, starting with old junk mechanisms to gain some experience then gradually moving on to better quality movements. I recently purchased an old Ansonia movement in a junk sale because it had an unusual feature. The...
  3. Brett48

    Ansonia Striking Train Help For Novice

    Hi there, I'm very new to clock repair so apologies in advance if this question seems obvious but I really would appreciate any help. I've been looking at repairing this Ansonia two train striking clock but the strike train is very confusing to me as it doesn't seem to have enough levers and...
  4. T

    Original Ansonia Loop End Mainspring

    Does anybody know the original way the Ansonia Loop End mainspring were made? I saw there are three models: 1) the loop is made by a litle piece of blade, and then attached by a rivet; 2) the loop is made by the same blade of the main spring, and attached by a rivet; and 3) the loop is made...
  5. M

    1878 Ansonia Kirkwood

    Good day. I trust that all is well. I am a novice clock/timepiece collector. I have recently acquired what I believe to be a 1878 Ansonia Kirkwood. I got the clock running and am wondering whether I should make up the missing labels or let it be. Would it depreciate the value of the clock...
  6. L

    Ansonia Clock ID Help

    Can anyone tell me what model Ansonia clock this is? I spent a few hours searching online but cannot find anything. Thank you for any help you can offer!
  7. acugnini

    ISO Ansonia #6 Tall Case parts: pendulum, weights

    Just picked up a cheap Ansonia #6 clock head (no case) to tinker with. Looks like the chains are 43 LPF, ok there. But it needs a new pendulum, suspension spring, and weights. No idea on the size of these. Any advice on finding / substituting parts? Thanks!
  8. A

    Sharing my current clock collection

    Hey everybody, Hope everyone is doing well! Not sure if this is the right forum to post this in (maybe it should be in the "your newest clock acquisition" forum instead?) but for anyone that might be interested, I thought I'd share a clock overview YouTube video I recently made. In it, I...
  9. Timothy Adam Smith

    Ansonia Triumph Clock Parts Search

    Hello fellow horologists. I have recently picked up an Ansonia mantel clock that is missing the base and a cherub. I would appreciate any help finding these parts. Thanks for your help.
  10. S

    Help Pendulum too long (case too short?)

    This is the second crystal regulator where I have had this problem, both Ansonia. The clock runs well, is in beat, but gains time. I have lengthened the pendulum to the point where it is nearly touching the bottom of the case. Is this a common problem or a case of the wrong pendulum? The other...
  11. J

    Ansonia 9 1/4 movement - strike train bogging

    I require wise counsel and sage advice (yet again). I can provide pictures but have no idea what to take that will be useful here. (Took some and uploaded) Sorry in advance if I screwed up terminology. Issue: The lifting of the strike hammer lever is enough to bog and stop the strike...
  12. DanGrayson

    mysterious number on a movement

    Why would someone have scratched "A953M" onto the back of an Ansonia 4 1/2 mantel clock movement? Just curious...
  13. Roxopher

    Did someone paint this Ansonia Spelter Sculpture? Need advice on how to restore!

    Hi all, I just acquired this Ansonia Clock Company Spelter Sculpture of Girl with Lute at an estate sale. I don’t know much about Ansonia spelter figures I just knew I was drawn to her. As I was trying to find more information, I realized that no other similar figures were painted. On closer...
  14. gslaff

    $ Ansonia Banjo No. 1

    Any idea of what this Ansonia Banjo No. 1 is worth. It appears original except for the eagle, and is in good running condition
  15. J

    American Ansonia Brass Mantle Information Help

    Hello all, I recently inherited an Ansonia brass mantle clock and am having a lot of trouble identifying it. I get a lot of questions about it at my home and want to know more about when it was made, model name, etc. Thank you for your help & interest! JR
  16. etmb61

    Ansonia Iron

    Picked this up today at my chapter picnic. I would like to find out the model and years, what style pendulum it needs (I assume it needs to be adjustable), and are the dial, hands, and bezel correct? Thanks, Eric
  17. Lequeb

    Ansonia clock

    Hi all, I bought this Ansonia clock. 17 1/2 tall There's 5 1/2 on the back plate. If anybody knows a bit more... And yeah, not in good shape, but it as a beat...
  18. J

    Ansonia New York hanging clock model movement question.

    Hello all, I am looking for information or pictures from someone that has an Ansonia New York hanging model clock. I purchased a shell about a year ago and am just now getting around to putting it all back together. Just wondering which movement I need to be on the lookout for. I have found...
  19. TimelyFool

    Cintra or King? Mystery Clock

    Hello- Acquired through auction last month a parlor clock listed as an Ansonia “King”. But on the back is a label which says “Cintra”. Looks like it was refinished, a light brown shellac, I think. The interior of the case is painted black. (Original?) The movement has no markings but...

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