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  1. Ticktocktime100

    Silver cased Waltham masonic pocket watch, circa 1910

    Hi all, I’m mostly a clock enthusiast, but I also collect watches. I was very pleased to add this fine silver cased Waltham, with a flawless enamel dial depicting the Masonic symbols, to the horological family. Could anyone enlighten me regarding the history of this model, year of manufacture...
  2. J

    South Bend Size 12 Grade 407 Hairspring Replacement

    Good evening everyone, Newbie here. Please go easy on me. I’m fairly new to the watch collecting and repair scene. I think we all know where this is going. Long story short, I have destroyed my South Bends Hairspring and am having some real trouble finding even a parts movement to replace it...
  3. Copperdragon3

    Early Seth Thomas help

    I just picked up this cute little Seth Thomas shelf clock and was wondering if anyone could give me a close idea how old it is. It runs and strikes properly and the mahogany case is near flawless but the metal face is rather flaked and the small mirror in the bottom of the door was shattered so...
  4. Copperdragon3

    My new Colonial Mfg tall case clock

    This is my latest find - an early Colonial Mfg. Co tall case tubular clock. It measures 97" tall, 28" wide and 18" deep. Beautiful figured mahogany with thick beveled glass on three sides as well as the access doors, this clock weighs a ton! Two curious things: the case has no Colonial...
  5. H

    My Farmer ?

    Hello, First i would like to apologize for the pictures,My smart phone forgot how to take Jpeg pictures and so did I. Hopefully I have taken enough for a close identification ,if not i will try and take more. I have an Ithaca clock and i don't know what year or the model.It measure 26" x 12...
  6. Jeremy Woodoff

    American Watchman's Time Detector

    I am reposting these pictures and information request now that I know the manufacturer, in hopes that board readers familiar with the American Watchman's Time Detector Co. clocks can provide additional information. Specifically, I'd like to know what kind of clock movement should be in the case...
  7. Robert Ling

    American Wringer Co label on New Haven clock ?

    I have a New Haven Wall clock with a label on it's back from the American Wringer Co NY. It gives their address and says the clock was made especially for them. The American Wringer Co. made Rubber Wringers to squeeze the water out of clothes by hand on a crank. The same way you would start...
  8. 4

    Only American automatic wrist?

    Greetings, I am curious about an Elgin 30 jewel (cal 760) wristwatch I was working on today. I checked the "Complete" guide and found an entry with the same movement. The book states that this was the only American made autowind (along with a version with fewer jewels). I am straining to recall...
  9. B

    Early American Clocks at auction

    On Sept. 15, Alderfer's Auction House, in SE PA, will hold a Fine Arts auction with a number of early & reproduction banjo clocks and (mostly) PA tallcase clocks. See: http://www.alderferauction.com click on catalog, Sept 15, and furniture. Full Disclosure: I have no financial or personal...
  10. G

    Building an American Clock Movement

    I am building the clock movement that Steven G. Conover published. I would like to hear from a member who built one. Got some questions . I think some of his drawings are wrong or I cant understand them George
  11. J

    American Waltham missing bow and loose bezel

    Good Evening I have recently acquired an interest in pocket watches and have begun study and research. I bought an American Waltham Watch Co. at an auction: serial # 3082###, sidewinder, great looking gold-filled case. I believe seven jewels. Lever set. I did not spend much for it because it...
  12. M

    Current American clock companies

    Hi Andy. Phil S. suggested you might know about this. It's my understanding that Chelsea still makes the movement in their Ship's Bell clock. (Not their Shipstrike clock, which is a Hermle movement.) Would that make them the last American made clock company? Or are there any others? (I'm...
  13. S

    Old American flip clock (General Electric) runs slow...

    The voltage is one thing. That can be oversome with the adpator. But cycles is another matter. You will probably have to replace the 50 cycle motor with a 60 cycle version.
  14. E

    American Walthham Co. Pocket Watch:

    American Waltham watch movements made 1897-1898 have serial numbers between 8,000,000 and 8,500,000. The other number you gave 36405 Crown is probably the serial number of the watch case and there is little or no serial data on most watch cases. Incidently, how did your query find its way to...
  15. M

    10¢ Museum Admission to Welcome 10¢ American Clock Stamp

    January 17, 2003 Contact: Jim Bland Director of Marketing 717-684-8261 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE jbland@nawcc.org 10¢ Museum Admission to Welcome 10¢ American Clock Stamp Columbia, PA: The National Watch & Clock Museum announces special admission rates to welcome the new 10¢ American Clock...
  16. Gene Klodzen

    NWCM Receives Donation of American, French, and Japanese Timepieces

    From NAWCC NEWS: Columbia, Pa: The National Watch & Clock Museum announced the recent acquisition of over fifty timepieces representing timekeeping from 1780 - 1880. The gift includes American, French, and Japanese clocks, sundials,and regulators. The National Watch & Clock Museum has...
  17. G

    American made key wind watch questions

    Was the 18 size the most popular key wind watch? Of the manufacturers who produced the most? What features or models should a newbee look for in a keywind watch?
  18. B

    American Watham-

    The serial number on the movement dates the watch to about 1896, and my records indicate that it is an 18 size, Model #1883 [named after the first year of production], "Sterling" Grade with 7 jewels. Many of these were exported to the UK where they were cased locally. Regards, Barry...

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