1. ManSkirtBrew

    Help Electric WW Diagnosing Bulova Accutron 219 circuitry

    I made a post over on Watchrepair talk about this watch, and John R. was kind enough to provide the 219 service manual for me. However I'm still trying to find some more info on diagnosing the electronics, and there seems to be a lot of Accutron experience here. Cas-ker has the board and coil...
  2. J

    Accutron 218 Oiling

    I'm hoping to get some advice about oiling a 218 Accutron. The jewels appear to be friction fit and I seem to have the impression that it's not usual to remove them for service. Is that true? If so, then my difficulty is getting oil into the cap, or the right amount. The pivot size is about...
  3. MrRoundel

    Watch Closed Looking for Accutron 218 or 2242 bare pillar plate.

    Greetings folks, I'm looking to buy a bare pillar-plate for an Accuquartz 2242 or perhaps a 218 series, which should be the same for attaching fork. I'm guessing on that. I need it for a cleaning mule so I don't have to disassemble the dial-side day/date mechanism in order to clean the finger...
  4. wagibson

    Looking to Repair Accutron Deep Sea

    As the title suggests, I'm looking to find somebody that could repair an Accutron Deep Sea that I inherited. The model number on the back is 150460. After taking it in for a battery replacement, I was told that it was actually the movement that needed to be repaired. Please let me know if...
  5. J. Graham

    Accutron crystal, NOS

    Im back w another crystal request. I’m looking for a NOS Accutron 2182, case number T-3648 mineral crystal. Doesn’t have to be NOS but would like it to be. I used to have a cross reference to these crystal (bulova) but now I can’t find the link :/ I have not taken the crystal out of the case...
  6. J. Graham

    Electric WW Accutron hack spring not engaging

    I’m back with another Accutron question. 214 H movement, the hack spring does not engage when the crown is put into setting position. All looks good w the movement out of the case and dial off, under high power loupe I can see the hack spring touch the tuning fork, I have not checked this...
  7. J. Graham

    Electric WW Accutron 214 batteries

    Anyone know the truth about Accutron batteries? One site sells them for a whopping 20 dollars claiming that they are are 1.3 volts, but I look at the batt they sell and they are varta 395 399 which are 1.5 volts My understanding is this higher voltage cell can potentially cause the Accutron...
  8. J. Graham

    Cleaning accutron case

    hi all, I have an Accutron 214, that is running but the case is in need of a serious cleaning, my question, is there a way to lean the case back w/o removing the inked Bulova case id? im assuming that there is not a way to preserve the original internal case markings, but I would really like to...
  9. Chris Radek

    Accutron 214 - coating coils after rewind?

    The potting/coating on Accutron 214 coils is soluble in acetone, allowing me to strip the coil form without damaging it. I have successfully rewound my first coil, and now could use advice about what to recoat the wire with to protect it. I think after hardening it must be soluble in acetone...
  10. T

    Best way to store an Accutron 218 with a dying battery? >>

    This is a bit of an odd situation for me. I'm traveling for the next month and noticed my 218's battery has chosen this time to die (fortunately I brought a 214 along as well :smile:). Given that I'm away from my tools and can't remove the dying battery, what's the best course? I could...
  11. S

    1977 accutron Quartz TZ

    Since it is a quartz watch, the button probably changes the date one day at a time without having to turn the crown 24 hrs ahead. Bulova, unfortunately, continued (and continues today) to use the Tuning fork logo, since it propelled them into fame and fortune for a couple of decades. They can't...
  12. A

    Accutron 700 test meter

    Do I really need one of these to Work on 214 Accutron movements or will a normal multimeter do the job?
  13. M

    2182 Accutron

    Does anyone have a guess as to why a minute wheel in a 2182 Accutron would go bad? Teeth mangled and some teeth broken off.
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