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400 day clock

  1. J

    how to choose the right spring/pendulum mechanism for a 400 day clock?

    Hello, My team has been tasked with building an anniversary clock from scratch for a school project. I am working on the pendulum weight/spring thickness but I have no prior experience with clocks. Please can someone explain how I should go about picking the right spring and pendulum, factors I...
  2. H

    Help Identifying Kern Anniversary Clock

    I am new to clocks as I got into horology for vintage wristwatches. A friend at work gave me his anniversary clock saying it would not run longer than an hour. I have since disassembled and cleaned the movement as well as oiled the pivots. The suspension spring had around 5 permanent twists in...
  3. W

    Function Help on suspension spring

    Dears, I am in need for your support to get more information about the suspension spring for the attached 400 clock - thickness, size … etc. it is old kinzle clock.. that is worked non adjustable but stop again, so I am thinking to change the spring and re test. Thanks in advance. BR Wael
  4. I

    My First 400 Day Clock Service

    I have been given a Kern & Sohne Bentima 400 Day clcok that look exactly like the one in the below link: https://www.catawiki.com/en/l/24072649-anniversary-clock-kern-sohne-brass-gilt-glass-second-half-20th-century When I received it the main spring was almost fully wound but the clock didn't...
  5. S

    Help Me ID This L. Herr 400 Day Clock Please

    just wondering really anything about it. I am not sure if it's one of the collectable Bell ones. Or what plate number. Really I am not even sure if its missing parts! Please help me! Thanks in advance!

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