1. musicguy

    The Ball "Rotator Second" 12s Gentlemans watch

    A few years back I really thought that the Rotating Seconds, or AKA Secometer watches were really (really really) cool. It seemed to me back then that the 12s White Gold-Filled Ball Watch Company Rotator Second in factory case with numbers on the bezel was the Holy Grail of them all (at least in...
  2. musicguy

    Elgin 0 size fancy dial grade 205

    Here is a fancy dial circa 1898-99 0 size Elgin grade 205 from the first run. There were 4000 of this open face 0 size 19j grade made. I know it's missing a screw(and I have one on order) but other than that it's running like a top. As I always have a method to my madness this watch hit's a few...
  3. musicguy

    Show off your 19J Standard watches... I'll start with a 19j Bunn

    For some odd reason I have gravitated toward collecting 19j watches. Maybe other people can share some of theirs as well. I will start with a 16-size, 19-jewel Illinois, model 11, open-face, Bunn grade movement, built in about 1919. My understanding is that there were 15,900 of this version...
  4. musicguy

    Elgin circa 1900 grade 201 0 size 19 Jewel hunting case

    I just added this little beauty to my collection. It's a circa 1900 Elgin grade 201 0 size 19 jewel hunting case watch. These have really beautiful movements and were the top of the line for Elgin 0 size. One of the reasons I purchased it was to add to my collection of Elgin 19 jewel watches...
  5. C

    In need of a 19J Elgin BW Raymond 18 size mainspring Barrel

    Serial number helps, as it could be from different grades? [This message has been edited by cmedsker (edited 10-17-2001).]
  6. S

    16S, 19J, Ser. 5 Howards

    The 19J Howard 16S bridge model came with either a safety and a going barrel. The early staight bridge going barrel model was a series 1, according to the 1907 advertisement,while the safety barrel movements were designated series 5.These models had the PAT'D 08 designation. Later 19j models...

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