1. W

    Dueber Case mark - 14K or GF?

    Can anyone shed some light on this to help me cofirm whether it is solid 14K or gold filled? I am pretty sure it is solid, but just want to make sure....
  2. G

    Hamilton 14k gold filled S&W

    Could anyone tell me what the "S&W" means? Nice little ladies watch with 2 diamonds on the front. Runs ok. David
  3. J

    my lastest find ~ Hamilton 950 B NOS in 14k!

    Hello, I thought I would share my lastest find with everyone. I just purchased it today, fresh out of a home. He answered my ad for buying old pocket watches. It is a NOS Hamilton 950 B in a 14k gold case. Still has hang tag with marked down price. Never sold or used! This looks to be as...
  4. H

    12 size cases wanted- 18k, 14k, sterling, coin

    Hello all! I have 5 nice 12s Waltham movements to case, all m94. Does any one have 12s cases in 18k, 14k, sterling, or coin? Round, open face only, please. Email me at jturcott@bellsouth.net Thank you! hc3 [This message was edited by hc3 on September 10, 2003 at 8:03.]
  5. L

    continental geneva 14k gold

    Maybe if we moved the bright red "For Sale", "Business Ads", and "Requests for Values" are prohibited in all of these Bulletin Boards." notice down to just above the word "Topic" .......and enlarged the font......and put little ringing bells on either side.....? https://mb.nawcc.org/...
  6. M

    Longines 14k Lindberg model

    Sorry, we don't talk about values here. Try ebay or wristwatch price guides. I have some general information on the original Longines-Lindbergh, if you're interested. Info on the reissue model can be found at: http://www.longines.com/long_html/produit/lindberg.htm Regards, Mike

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