1. musicguy

    The Ball "Rotator Second" 12s Gentlemans watch

    A few years back I really thought that the Rotating Seconds, or AKA Secometer watches were really (really really) cool. It seemed to me back then that the 12s White Gold-Filled Ball Watch Company Rotator Second in factory case with numbers on the bezel was the Holy Grail of them all (at least in...
  2. musicguy

    Art Deco Elgin 12s 17j Enamel numbered bezel

    This is a recent purchase I made it's a 14K GF White Gold Art Deco design 1928 Elgin 12 size grade 479. I'm sure many of you have this one or the other similar octagon style cased one(if so please post them). Mine has the wrong crown, this one is just a tiny bit too big. If anyone has a better...
  3. musicguy

    1914 Elgin grade 997 Transit 12 size adjusted 4p

    One of my favorite watches in my collection is a Elgin 12s 17j marked Adjusted 4 Positions and marked Transit on the movement. These have a great two-tone damascening pattern. 2000 of these made in grade. I always keep an eye out looking for these Transit watches and I do see them every once in...
  4. B

    The 12s Elgin "mustache" lever

    Hi, I've been wondering about this for a while and maybe someone here can give me some insight. I've been concentrating on collecting the high grade Elgin 12s watches with the motor barrels. I've got a couple 23j grade 190 hunter case models and a 23j 194 open face as well as a number of the 21j...
  5. D

    Elgin 12S part needed

    Hi, I have an Elgin 12S pocket watch, SN# 30037833. It looks to be a model 4, except that it has set lever/detent and accompanying screw (just like a wrist watch). The watch appears to be a streamline as it is in a Wadsworth case marked Elgin Streamline. What I need is the screw (has a small...

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