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    How to drill a Slate or Belgian Black Marble Clock case for restoration

    Hi. I have to repair the base on a quality French clock case. I generally refer to this common cases as being made of slate but I have also heard them referred to as Belgian Black marble. I have to drill holes on the side of the slate and attach pieces together with sections of all thread to...
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    Seth Thomas Marble Gallery Clock Restoration

    I have a ST Marble gallery clock. I believe it is the no. 1 model with the 17" dial measured to the outside edge of the chapter ring. The thirty day movement is mounted to a wooden backboard in a metal case. Please look at the pictures to help clarify my description. The clock apparently was...
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    Casting Help

    Hi. Doesn't have to be bronze. I can probably color it to match the original. Thanks
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    Casting Help

    Hi. Anyone out there have a recommendation for casting a piece of bronze molding missing from the side of a fine French clock I own. It is about 6 inches long and 1 inch wide. I have the piece from the other side to make a mold. The molding is too detailed for sand casting so I'm looking for...
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    Beveled Glass Replacement Source Needed

    Hi. Any recommendations for a reasonable beveled glass replacement source. It's for a French clock and would have to be custom fit in the bezel. Thanks.
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    Sand casting Help

    Hi. I need a brass or bronze clock foot sand cast. Years ago a had a contact for a sand caster who did fine work but he has seen retired. Any recommendations? Thanks.
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    Advice Needed Clean/Polish Boulle Tortoise Case

    Trying to add some pictures from my phone.
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    Advice Needed Clean/Polish Boulle Tortoise Case

    I picked up a nice French Boulle and tortoise shell clock. The case is is so dingy it needs to be cleaned and polished. Any advice on what polish to use to safely clean the brass and not damage or leave a lot of polish residue on the tortoise shell. I usually use simichrome on brass but I know...
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    Black Marble Clock with Bronze Ormolu Cleaning Polish

    I have a very nice Black Marble clock with a mounted figure on top and ormolu mounted on the marble case, I would like to polish the marble. I have used boiled linseed oil in the past with very good results. I also recently purchased the slate blacking from timesavers. My concern is that...
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    French Black Marble Clock Restoration Questions...Polish and Patch

    Thanks Tom. I'll give that a try. Your clock looks super after the treatment.
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    French Black Marble Clock Restoration Questions...Polish and Patch

    Hi. I recently acquired a French black marble mantle clock in desperate need of TLC. This one is worth the effort in my opinion. Wondering if any one out there has any experience filling larger chips and cracks effectively, permanently, and relatively invisibly? I see plenty products on the web...
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    Advice needed on cleaning and polishing french brass clock case

    Hi. Thanks for the reply. No evidence of ever being gilt. Clock is cast brass.
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    Advice needed on cleaning and polishing french brass clock case

    I recently acquired a very ornate French Brass cased clock. It had a heavy old yellowed coat of laquer on it that I had to remove. It required diassembling the entire case and soaking the parts in acetone. I was looking for advice on what to use to polish the case and then preserve it without...
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    Removing Paint from a Gilded Surface

    Re: Removing Paint from a GildedSurface I removed a painted overcoat on a period banjo and a large guilded gesso mirror with good results. I used a milder paint stripper without the aggressive methylene chloride. It's slower worker but it give you more control in the process. Also it can be...
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    Champleve Clock Case Restoration

    Hi. I am interesting in advice on restoring a clock case that has Champleve or Cloisonne embellishments. It is a guilded bronze or brass case that has had considerable guilding loss especially on the flat surfaces that have been aggresively polished over the years. The finish is very uneven from...
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    Dial Repair/Restoration

    Hi. I have a Seth Thomas clock with it's original dial that is flaking. It was suggested by an art restorer that I spray a light coat of flat Damar varnish on the dial to stabilize it and help prevent further loss. Anybody out there use this technique? Any other suggestions?

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