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    Rare Backplate Count Wheel Atkins Steeple Clock

    I have had this Atkins Steeple clock for a while and decided to look it over a clean the 30 hour movement. It's a lovely clock with a great Fenn attributed lower glass. The movement ended up to be one I have never seen before. It is a 30 hour time and strike movement with the countwheel...
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    Help ID this Unusual Bronze Oil Lamp Clock

    I recently acquired this very unusual bronze snake form clock with an alarm mechanism that when activated strikes a stick match and lights a small oil lamp. Never saw anything quite like in my 30 years of clock interest. I am attaching a few pics of the clock and movement. The movement is...
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    Unusual French Portico Clock Dial

    I was following an early French Portico clock at an auction recently by Lepine. A very fine quality early clock. I've attached a picture of the dial for opinions. It has a combination of Arabic and Roman numerals. Anyone out there ever see this application before? Any explanation or opinion? Thanks
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    Help ID Victorian Era Mantle Clock

    I recently saw this clock at auction and was wondering if anyone out there recognizes the maker/model. Very interesting clock with an image of Cleopatra on the pediment and the pendulum is also very unusual. It looks like a cherub mounted on some sort of beast with a snake under foot. Never saw...
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    Help ID Bradley and Hubbard Blinking Eye Clock

    I have a John Bull blinking eye clock. This clock I assume was made by Bradley and Hubbard. The base of my clock is marked T. Kennedy Patent Applied For 1858. I have researched this model and have found some with the same Kennedy patent that are attributed to Bradley and Hubbard. Anyone out...
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    Help ID Early Ansonia Clock Label & Movement

    Hi. I have had this early Ansonia Shelf clock that I could use a little help on from you Ansonia experts out there. It has a label I am not familiar with "Ansonia Brass Co., Ansonia, Conn." I am familiar with the Ansonia Copper and Brass label but not this one. I could not find a match in the...
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    Help ID French Clock Movement Maker

    Hi. Anyone recognize this mark on the backplate of a French clock I recently acquired? It's a balance spring movement and the backplate is also marked France. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    Help ID Clock Movement French?

    Hi. Can anyone recognize the maker of this clock movement? AB inside a star. French? Austrian? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Help ID Pedestal Grandmother Clock Bracket Clock Top Hood

    Hi. I recently acquired this Grandmother clock that uses a removable German Bracket Clock as it's hood with the Bailey, Banks and Biddle emblem on the dial. High quality movement, probably Winterhalder and Hofmeier. The pedestal is in the form of a grandfather clock with all the details...
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    Grandmother Clock with Bracket Clock Hood Top Help ID

    Help ID This German (?) Bracket clock movement Would appreciate help ID the maker of this Bailey, Banks, and Biddle Bracket clock movement? Very high quality three train movement. I thought it was likely made by Winterhalder & Hofmeier bit the only markings are the numbers stamped on the...
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    Can Anyone ID This Unusual Dial Stamping on this Brewster and Ingraham Beehive

    Hi. A friend of mine recently acquired this very nice, original, B and I beehive clock. He noticed this raised stamp on the dial under the original paint. Hard to make out. I have never seen this on an American shelf clock dial before and was hoping someone out there might know something about...
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    Ever See this Model French Clock?

    Hi. I recently acquired a cartel style clock with a time only movement. I'm pretty certain the movement is French. The pendulum is unusual from my experience. It is very light and the part the hangs the rod to the crutch is broken off. There is some old solder remnants. The crutch has a single...
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    Waterbury Weight Driven Clock Movement No. 13 need weight information

    Hi. I have a Waterbury clock with a weight driven movement marked 13. It is a eight day ladder chain driven movement. I think I successfully added a picture. It is minus the weights. I have seen two examples with this movement, one had a smooth brass weight, the other a fancy turned brass...
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    Help ID French Clock movement and case maker

    Hi. I recently acquired a nice French Brass clock and I had to dissassemble the case to remove an old yellowed heavy coat of laquer. The case parts were stamped in multiple places with the initials HR. I am attaching a picture of this stamp. I assume this is some sort case maker mark and I was...
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    Foster Campos Clock Maker Question

    Hi. Does anyone know the name/contact info. on the clock maker that took over Foster Campos' business? Thanks....
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    Help ID miniature clock markings

    Hi. I recently acquired a miniature brass clock that has some markings on the movement and case interior that I am not familar with and have not been able to find any information on. I'm attaching some pictures. The case interior is stamped clearly BIN. The back plate of the movement is scripted...
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    Help ID Movement Makers Mark Circle B

    I have recently seen my third French clock with a circled B on the backplate of the movement. Two of the three were carriage clocks and one was a bronze shelf clock. All the clocks were very good quality, mid to late 19th century. I could find no reference in my literature on a maker that signed...
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    Help ID Movement

    Hi. Does anyone out there recognize this clock movement? County of origin and possible date? I'm attaching a picture of the brass case and the movement. Sorry, they are the only pictures that I have available. It is a balance spring, time only movement. Unmarked on the back plate. Case is about...
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    Help Identify Seth Thomas Movment

    I am attaching a picture of a Seth Thomas movement that I believe is a thirty day movement. I'm evaluating the clock long distance and the owner does not know the running time. I'm hoping that someone out there can confirm it is a 30 day runner. The movement is marked 44. I checked Tran's Seth...
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    Check out this Chelsea

    I recently acquired a Chelsea in a unusual case with bronze figures and a marble base. It is 10 3/4" W, 10" H, and it has a five inch dial. The case is unmarked. The movement was manufactured based on the serial # between 1925-29. I think this movement was possibly sold to and cased by the...

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