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  1. Kent

    New Columbus Pocket Watch 6s

    I think I read that South Bend used up New Columbus material. Perhaps somebody else knows.
  2. Kent

    New Columbus Pocket Watch 6s

    As it says in the linked-to encyclopedia article (in my earlier post), "This firm lasted until 1903 when it was purchased by some of the Studebaker brothers (those not engaged in the wagon and automobile business). The company was then moved to South Bend, Indiana to become the South Bend Watch Co."
  3. Kent

    New Columbus Pocket Watch 6s

    Hi Michelle: You may find the Columbus Watch Co. Encyclopedia article helpful. Page 361 of the 1897 Lapp & Flershem Twenty-first Annual Illustrated Catalogue (below) lists some 6-size grades. Since it lacks an upper center jewel, I'm guessing that its a grade No. 101; 11-jewel movement...
  4. Kent

    Columbus Time King

    You've found a nice watch! Thanks for showing it to us.
  5. Kent

    How to verify Grade and other "discrepancies" - Waltham - U.S. Watch Co.

    You may find the United States Watch Co., Waltham, Mass Encyclopedia article helpful.
  6. Kent

    Watch Clubs

    Here are some dated Keystone Watch Club ads. Its hard to tell if its really a watch club or a sales operation using the name "Keystone Watch Club."
  7. Kent

    Howard Series 4 17 Jewel RR Watch with a very late SN# ?

    Lee Although there was a change to 19-jewel (and much later, 21-jewel) minimums, this didn't happen 'til later than 1912. The 1915 NYC rules (below) are an example of this. Those interested can look through the Railroad Time Service Watch Rules.
  8. Kent

    2 tone Appleton Tracy questions.

    I thunk that this might be a good time to post a catalog listing (page 359 of the 1897 Lapp & Flershem Catalog) for these gilt and nickel damaskeened watches. Note that the full nickel version is $4.00 more.
  9. Kent

    2 tone Appleton Tracy questions.

    Hi Mike: Thanks for calling your nice watch to our attention! Your watch was added to our data base on 6/1/2020 when you posted it. The post of mine that you quoted was from 2012.
  10. Kent

    2 tone Appleton Tracy questions.

    Tom: Can you confirm that S/N 9,014,628 is a model 83 not 57 and that it is PS and marked "Adjusted - 17 Jewels" with a Gold Star Regulator and Gilt Trim.
  11. Kent

    2 tone Appleton Tracy questions.

    Thanks Tom: I'm guessing, based upon other examples in our data base, that this is a model 83 not 57 and that it is PS and marked "Adjusted - 17 Jewels" with a Gold Star Regulator and Gilt Trim.
  12. Kent

    2 tone Appleton Tracy questions.

    Thanks Cort; Here's what Ed and I have in our data base for the run 5728001 - 5729000. All are 17J, PS or not noted: Listed As - - - - - - - Serial / Marked - - - - - - - Number No. 35 AT&Co - 5,728,083 No. 35 - - - - - - - 5,728,092 No. 35 CPR - - -...
  13. Kent

    Elgin Veritas WI

    Page 101 of Complete Price Guide to Watches, No 33, R. Gilbert, T. Engle and C. Shugart, Tinderbox Press, Mount Pleasant, SC, 2013 (the most popular watch price guide on the market at the time, but now no longer in print) lists the below ratings of quantities. Although the assignment of 'Stars'...
  14. Kent

    Elgin Veritas WI

    Marcus: According to the grade No. 453 serial numbers listed in the data base that Ed Ueberall and I maintain of surviving examples of railroad watches and other interesting (to us) watches, the following seem to be wind indicators: 20,480,001 - 20,480,050: 50 20,480,301 - 20,480,320: 20...
  15. Kent

    Help Identifying a J. Conning pocket watch

    Hi tcwalker5: Please add my welcome to those of the others. To add to the good information posted by them: Please excuse me if I repeat some of what you already know, or has been posted by others; it's easier for me this way. Checking the references listed in the Waltham Watches Encyclopedia...
  16. Kent

    Real Coin Silver case?

    Here's an ad supporting what Rick posted:
  17. Kent

    Hampden Grade 104

    It sounds like you could benefit from reading a copy of the book The Hampden Watch Co., NAWCC Special Order Supplement #1, J. Hernick and R. Arnold, NAWCC, Columbia, PA, 1997 (no longer in print). Maybe some of your questions are answered in the Hampden Watch Co. Encyclopedia article.
  18. Kent

    Waltham CPR Pocket Watch

    Thanks Hudd!
  19. Kent

    Elgin Montgomery Dial

    Bob: You might find these articles helpful: Back issues of the NAWCC Bulletin are available online to NAWCC members who are currently logged in. "The Elgin 571," Ed Ueberall and Kent Singer, NAWCC Bulletin No. 298 (October, 1995), pp. 599-605. "The Elgin 16-Size 571, Revisited," Ed Ueberall...
  20. Kent

    Elgin Montgomery Dial

    Hi Bob: Elgin only put the B.W. Raymond name on dials for the grade No. 571 watches and these were all single-sunk. The second dial you've shown is an imitation double-sunk dial, usually referred to as an inner circle dial. I don't think I've seen an inner circle Montgomery dial.

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