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  1. Rudi

    Longcase Regulator

    Good afternoon, I hope there is someone here that can help me with a date and some details on the maker of this clock. I cannot seem to find any details on this maker. I would also like to know what it says to the right of the name. I would like to broker a deal on this clock with a service and...
  2. Rudi

    Three train fusee

    Not my clock, but picked up this one from a client this morning. Three train fusee, 8 bells, 4 small gongs & 1 big one. Interesting inscription on the dial. Client saved it from going to a dump skip in 1969 and put it on his wall in his office. I took it of for the first time today, it has a...
  3. Rudi

    EUREKA! What a find

    Good day everyone, morning from a sunny Cape Town - South Africa. This was quite an find, I know of a couple of Eureka's in South Africa but you can probably count them on two hands.This is probably the rarest one Eureka produced #15 and not a lot was made, If anyone has some more info it will...
  4. Rudi

    Please help identify object:

    Good day to you all, I have been in the fortunate position to help an elderly gentleman whom is moving to an old age home help pack up his workshop after 56 years. I have been blessed with some really nice old tools and some very interesting clocks and lots of odd bits. Part of the last lot was...
  5. Rudi


    Good morning from a rainy Cape Town - South Africa. Got this clock yesterday from a clock maker who is closing down after 56 years. All three pinions needs to be replace as they are badly worn but it keeps time very accurately. It was set up in his shop and was running for years and he never had...
  6. Rudi


    Hi There, Got my hands on this very interesting clock yesterday, just loved the look of it with the small dial in front and the seconds hand. Found it quite interesting that it runs on a verge escapement. Currently runs of my Gent Master hooked of to the pulse on the pendulum. Is this just a...
  7. Rudi

    A.W & Co Regulator clock

    Here is another nice clock I wound the other day but not having any luck on details. Clock is still in really good condition and the case just needs a good polish and the movement a decent clean. As is it is actually running very good. All I can see on the movement is A.W & CO
  8. Rudi

    Very large Tavern Style Clock

    Hi There, Got this beautiful clock the other day but not having any luck on any details so far, I new it was quite a scares find for South Africa and I have seen what they sell for overseas. I just love the style and the cheer size of it. Its almost 1.3 meters tall and quite wide as well...
  9. Rudi

    30 Hour Longcase

    Found this beauty as well 3 weeks ago, belonged to a chap in Cape Town who passed away and as I believe also a member of the British Horological Institute. My friend who arranged the sale (same guy I got the skeleton clock from) said the lady didn't want to sell the clock to someone who is going...
  10. Rudi

    Skeleton Clock

    I must say I was really impress when my fiend called me and said he found me a gem. I have always loved skeleton clocks and always wanted one but they are extremely scares in South Africa. Till know I have never seen one. My one clockmaker friend says he has only seen one about 35 years ago...
  11. Rudi

    Info needed on Gustaf Becker

    Good day Chaps, Picked up this nice little Gustaf Becker single weight regulator for a steel. In nice working condition an complete. Like the size as it is quite a small case and movement. Any ideas on date and model.
  12. Rudi

    Need some info on Junghans wall clock

    Good day Chaps, Helped a customer out last week with his fireplace and we started chatting about clocks. He gave me an old Gothic style Ansonia to service for him. Just before I left he called me to his garage and told me I could have this clock in exchange for the service on the Ansonia. Took...
  13. Rudi

    Could this realy be a Tompion

    Found this in a box with a couple of movements and paid a few bucks for it. Probably a couple of beers. I have read a great deal on Tompion and absolutely admire his work. Movement seems to be a repeater and there is no case, only what you see in the pics. Could this be a real Tompion or is it...
  14. Rudi

    Cannot find any details

    Good day Chaps, Got this clock from one of my customers the other day, definitely worth restoring as I think the case will display very nice when cleaned up. The only thing I can find is a number 40 stamped on the front plate. Anybody here with an idea of maker or date???
  15. Rudi

    Ansonia Birmingham

    Good day everyone, I have bought a beautiful little Ansonia Birmingham and cannot seem to find any info on it, not even on the internet. Can anyone help? It’s got a porcelain dial and a small round movement with a rack type strike system. Wil post some pics later today. Thanks,
  16. Rudi

    Painted dial Longcase +/- 1830

    I have been very lucky in finding this beautiful English long case clock for a price i would rather not mention. I did not even look at the movement when I heard the price. You could probably buy a couple (+/-5 boxes) of packets of cigarettes for the same price. I have been going threw some...
  17. Rudi

    Project clock

    Good day all you clock nuts, I want to start a little project were I want to build a nice clock case from yellow wood. Know this is all you experts come in; I have a HAC movement lying around in good condition with a striking train. Can I convert this movement to run on two weights? And what...
  18. Rudi

    ??? 400 day Clock

    Good day to you all, This is only my 3rd post but i can tell you i have probably read this whole forum by know. A couple of months ago i bought this beautiful little clock. It has a peculiar small enamel dial and a beautiful disc pendulum. Again one of my impulse buys just because it looked...
  19. Rudi

    Robert Bryson

    Good day Ladies & Gents, I am new to this site and i can tell you i am hooked already. I bought my first clock 5 year ago while in Zanzibar. Every collectors dream, it must have been the clock mecca of the world at the turn of the century. Every shop we walked into probably had up to 200...

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