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    Mechanical WW Wanted. Bezel for ladies Omega Case No 511.213

    As title please, before I get the lathe cracking! I hate machining stainless! Mike
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    Mechanical WW Tissot Seastar Seven Tools ID

    Hi folks, I bought some crystal tools many moons ago for Tissot repairs. In the box are some metal pieces/adaptors ??? Can anyone give me a clue as to what they are used for? Thanks in advance. Mike
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    American PW Elgin 18S Barrel problem

    There is a screwed pin in the side of the barrel which holds the outer edge of the mainspring in place. It has worn/sheared off so the spring just slips. Are barrels available? The watch is otherwise perfect and it would seem to be a shame to lose it. I bought a new mainspring but that was...
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    Waltham 1877 rebuild query

    Is there a trick in getting the top plate on as the fork end on the pallet arm has to fit through a hole and I keep knocking it out of position?
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    ETA MSR T16 movement info?

    I have a Garrard movement ETA T16 MSR and am looking for a case as the original has been scrapped for gold. Any info would be appreciated as I am struggling to find any! Mike
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    Chrono small hands removal

    I have recenly bought a pair of lever type hand removers as I sometimes struggle with the gripper type. Does anyone else have a preference for removing the chrono small seconds and counter hands? Mike
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    7733 chrono repair kits

    I seem to remember seeing chrono repair kits for around £30 on ebay some time ago but can't find any now. They had new wheels complete to just drop into position. Are they still available anywhere? Mike
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    ETA Valjoux 7750 date change problem

    I have a (new to me) tag Heuer with a 7750 movement, no day but has a date. The date does not change over unless the crown is pulled to the first position and done manually. Pulling to the second position and turning the hands does not change the date. Is something else amiss? All comments...
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    R.Innes Fusee watch

    I have a fusee by R.Innes London. I can't find any info on this maker other than seeing another watch by the same maker with a date of either 1685 or 1885 (I can't make it out clearly on the photo!) There are no other numbers on the movement. I am trying to date the watch. :confused:
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    Movement ID and stem thread size?

    I've taken in a swiss pocket watch with a missing crown and broken stem. I've got the broken stem out but am struggling to see what I need to replace it with. The movement is not named and I don't know what type of crown it had. Movement pic:- broken stem pic:- If I take the stem out, the...
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    Longines 280.443 setting lever wanted

    I'm struggling to find a setting lever (and screw) for my 280. Ref 280.443 Regards, Mike
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    Le Phare Chrono with Landeron 54 Movement

    My latest arrival, due back from the workshop any day now. Can anyone give me an idea of the approximate date these were made. (pics to follow) WB
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    Constable Country Clock

    My reward for climbing lots of very steep steps in a narrow (cracking) staircase was this beauty:- Mike
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    Mechanical WW Omega 610/611 Technical sheets?

    I am rebuilding my Omega 611 movement and wondered if there were any technical sheets available to assist me? Mike
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    Schild ratchet wheel needed?

    I am looking for a 60 tooth Schild ratchet wheel for my 8 day alarm clock (mine is temporarily minus two teeth!). The outside diameter of the wheel measures 16.6mm and has a 1.8mm square hole as pic. Mike
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    Waltham movement retaining screws.

    Hi folks, I am missing a movement retaining screw for my 1908 model size 16 3/4 plate Waltham 7 jewel with hunter case. Its the large head long type. Any ideas where and what to order? :confused: I'm in the UK. Thanks in advance, Mike
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    6mm Lorch Schmidt Lathe Collet thread size?

    I've been trying to find the thread size for my 6mm Lorch Schmidt collets. I've seen an ad on ebay for a die quoted at (M5 x 0.7 die) but can't see this size listed in most engineering suppliers lists. Does anyone know if this is correct? I need to make up some extra bits of tooling as the...
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    Landeron 48 casing?

    I have a couple of Landeron 48 chrono movements, recovered from a "gold recycler" :o and need cases for them. Does anyone know of a source, other than "the bay"? Mike
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    Wristwatch cases?

    I have a couple of movements rescued from a "gold shop". Does anyone know of a source for cases? My first one has a 29.5mm dial and a 27'5mm movement and is a Longines auto so the case needs to be deep enough to suit the rotor. New or good used are fine. Mike :confused:
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    Electric WW Stem removal Tissot PR516 quartz

    Any hints on how to remove the stem? No obvious "press" point here:- Mike :confused:

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