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    Civil War Presentation Wm. Ellery to 5th U.S. Colored Cavalry officer

    I know there are some out there who collect these presentation watches, and I thought I would share this one with you. This is a recent find of mine that has particular history, confined to only a few regiments in the civil war. I did not know african-american cavalry units existed until...
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    1863 vs. 1866 Appleton Tracy 18s 15 j movement

    Hello everyone: I recently inherited an 1857 model 15 Jewel Appleton Tracy and Co. Model Made in 1863. I took it to a knowledgeable watch repairman here in Texas and he took it apart and said it had too many issues to repair. I have found a junker 1866 model A T & Co. with a good balance that I...
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    CW Presentation Watch to Benjamin Holt Ticknor 1863

    Hello to all: It's been a while since I have posted, but wanted to share with you a watch I recently acquired just this week from Heritage Auction here in Dallas. A really cool watch, 15 jewel AT & Co, Model 1860 in 18K R & A case. I was really giddy to be able to purchase this watch and...
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    Presentation watch...A man who helped with Lee's decision to surrender

    Hello All: I thought I would post a new watch find. I am so giddy to own this watch, and for those who like civil war history, have I got a story for you. This watch was presented to Captain William Wagner of the 15th Pennsylvania cavalry (Anderson's Calvary). After extensive research, it...
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    R. O. Schmitt Auctions vs. Jones and Horan auctions

    Does anyone on this board follow the R. O. Schmitt clock and watch auctions? There was a watch auction that ended today, and I typically follow the Howards, with special interest on presentation watches. The Schmitt auctions typically fetch 1 1/2 to 2 times more for their merchandise (same...
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    Civil War "Presentation Watch" Brev. Brig. General Pitcairn Morrison

    For those of you who are into Presentation watches, check out my recent purchase. You can still find these gems out there; they are an invaluable piece of history with a story to tell. This man, Pitcairn Morrison, had an amazing career in the Military. He started his military career in...
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    Civil War Presentation watch....Swiss Fake...need help!

    Hello everyone. I am about to acquire a civil war presentation watch from a civil war hero from 1862. I am going to post some photos and need help from the experts on any information there is out there on Swiss "Fakes" This watch comes from a prominent civil war collector in Ohio. This...
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    Need help identifying Early Howard Type III production date

    I recently acquired an Early E.Howard Type N serial number 4472 in a coin silver C.E.H. case. I was wondering if anyone new the production date for this watch and if the C.E.H. case was correct. My understanding is that there is a Howard production list available, but I cannot find one. I'm...
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    E Howard Production by Serial Number N series II & III

    I was told that there is a somewhat early compiled list of early Howard movements by serial number; when they were sold by the E. Howard & Co. Is this true? I have serial numbers 5013 and 2857 and would like to know when they left the Howard manufacturing co. and who they were sold to. If anyone...
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    Series II howard found on ebay, recased in stemwind case

    I know there are many who don't like ebay, but there are some hidden diamonds out there if you spend the time looking. Just purchased a series II-E Howard #2857, nice running order on ebay. It was recased in a later gold filled case with new holes drilled out in the dust cover. A pawn shop...
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    Need help with N size Howard Series III production date....Civil War?

    Need some info from the Howard watch experts out there. I know the series III N size Howards (early ones) are hard to put a date stamp on, but I was curious to the cutoff date (approximately) of identifying a Howard in the Civil War era. I have one with serial number 9626, which is hard to...

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