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    My latest unknown maker purchase

    Bill, I just bought a clock with the identical movement as yours. (The case is a different tambour style, and says "Ridgeway" on the dial.) My movement, however, is missing the anchor and crutch, the leader, and the pendulum bob. Would you be able to provide measurements of some sort? I am told...
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    Help Source for Chinese movement parts?

    Nah, the pendulum is too long. The case is a tambour clock, takes maybe a 4-1/2" long pendulum; the for parts movement needs 8" to keep proper time. And the leader that came with it is also not the right length for either clock.
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    Help Source for Chinese movement parts?

    I'm not sure I'm explaining my question very clearly... I'm not so much interesting in getting the clock in perfect shape, or in replacing with OEM parts, as in just getting the movement somewhat functioning again. I'm 72, retired, and just like tinkering with things. If the only thing I can do...
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    Help Source for Chinese movement parts?

    That's what I thought. Where it only needs a "verge" (is that what it's called? the see-saw thing that engages the escape wheel teeth) with its arbor and crutch, a suspension spring, a leader and a pendulum bob, couldn't I buy generic ones as long as they met the right dimensions? (It's not in...
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    Help Source for Chinese movement parts?

    Hi. I am a once-in-a-while clock hobbyist. I've tinkered with 400 day clocks, Kundo transistor clocks, mantle clocks, and am familiar with some of the terminology. Have disassembled and assembled a few movements. I have tools (and built a spring winder) but not a machinist; don't have any...

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