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    Gap in mounting bracket, is it normal?

    I have a Gustav Becker Regulator clock I acquired recently. When I put the weights on, the top of movement tilts forward about a half inch so I took it apart and discovered there is a bend in the bracket that holds the movement which allows the movement to tilt forward at the top. Does anyone...
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    A.Willmann & Co Regulators

    Great thank you. I did google "GMS", didn't realize it was a "D" since the bar was missing or may have worn off. Thanks for the information.
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    A.Willmann & Co Regulators

    I am thankful for these forums, based on this thread I was able to identify the maker of this clock as A.Willmann & Co. I'm curious if anyone knows the significance of the marking on the pendulum bar (looks like a backward "C" followed by "GMS") or the stamp at the bottom that says 1.MILLION.
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    Looking for help identifying an old clock

    Thanks! Knowing it's Black Forest, I was able to track down that this type of clock is referred to as a 'wag on the wall' clock. That should help me get more info.
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    Highly detailed, any idea of origin?

    I think the 4th corner may have been 'Europa'?
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    Looking for help identifying an old clock

    I got this clock at a an antique store several years ago and was wondering if anyone has any information on it. It has what looks like handmade inlay. The concave glass is beautiful, full of bubbles and waves but a little milky in one corner. The case is open (no sides), there are eye hooks...
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    Howard Miller Coastal Point Grandfather Clock

    I'm new to the forums but have been collecting some beautiful clocks for the last 20 years or so. I started out buying them at antique stores, but have discovered estate auctions in the last few years. This here is my best find this year. It's a Howard Miller 610-898 Coastal Point...
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    Wire gauge for Gustav Becker clock

    Sure, here's a picture of the works. Unfortunately while trying to untangle the fishing line I found that one of the rods that's used by the key to wind (sorry I don't know the technical term yet) has about a half inch broken off and I had to wind manually. So now it looks like I have to...
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    Wire gauge for Gustav Becker clock

    Greetings. Avid clock collector here and this is my first post. I bought a Gustav Becker 2 weight regulator clock at auction and am in the process of restoring it. Based on the serial number I believe it was manufactured between 1885 and 1890. The wires that hold the weights were replaced...

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