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    American PW Elgin mainspring

    Can someone help me find the right mainspring for an Elgin key wind pocket watch? 18s full plate grade 7 Serial number: 1548568. The factory number seems to be 812, but it looks like there are several versions of the 812. The mainspring measures about .22mm thick, 2.92mm width, 21.5 inches long...
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    Worn ratchet wheel

    The ratchet wheel on my 1930s Gilbert mantle clock (discussed in another post) has worn teeth so that the click doesn't catch consistently. Can I fix the problem by filing the teeth ( and maybe bending the click spring tighter) or will I have to find a replacement? thanks
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    Seeland watch co crown and stem

    Hello, I need to replace the crown and stem on this 2/0s (28.7 mm) pendant watch. The movement is stamped "Seeland Watch Co. Swiss". I can't find a calibre stamp. Anyone know of the right size stem and crown? Thanks
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    1930s Gilbert mantel clock

    Does anyone have a mainspring for a 1938 Gilbert mantel clock (8 day)? Thanks.
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    Electric WW Tissot dial

    I bought a quartz Tissot PR 50 with broken/corroded dial pins. Any advice on replacing dial pins? I've heard it's difficult. It would be easier to replace the whole dial, but so far that looks expensive. (The case is Titanium, but the dial looks like steel. Reference # on case back: J376/476T)...
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    new england watch co movement

    Hello - I have a New England Watch Co. Swiss pocket watch that has a broken escape wheel pivot. No serial number, unfortunately, but is size 16. Anyone have a parts movement/escape wheel? Thanks.
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    Crystal for Nixon "powerslave"

    Found said watch at antique mall for about $2. The crystal is broken. Does anyone know where I could get a replacement? I found a nixon repair shop online, but they're set up to replace the crystal for $45, not sell me one.
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    pocket watch crystal needed

    I'm repairing a 16s New England watch co. Does anyone have a 38.1mm - 16 14/16 ligne open face crystal (I believe measurements are correct)? Thanks for the help.
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    American PW Pocket watch cases

    Does anyone know of a good place to find watch cases (specifically a hunter case for a 16 size Waltham model 1888). There seems to be a lot of uncased movements floating around eBay. thanks.
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    ultrasonic cleaner

    I've decided to invest in an ultrasonic cleaner and was wondering if anyone had a type/brand recommendation. I've heard the L&R machines are good - I will go with that if needed, but they're a little pricey. I've also heard that almost any machine will do the job as long as you buy a decent...
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    good place to find misc. jewel bearings

    I'm fairly new to watch repair and working on an obscure little 17 jewel swiss wristwatch (about 11.5 lignes) made by "Allerton watch co." I can find no other markings besides "swiss" and what looks like a maker's or inspector's stamp. I've looked online and can't find anything on "Allerton...

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