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    G Klett Lathe

    Hi all anyone ever hear of G Klett lathes, have my eye on a motor base mount for my 8mm lathe. Can't find any info on them or if they were any good
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    Andra Zwingenberger Lathe

    New purchase an Andra Zwingenberger 8mm Lathe look is in very good condition, most of the parts are there some of the step chucks look like they were never used. Have a Lorch 10mm LLN with an 8mm adapter. So I can use all the collets and chucks on the Lorch.
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    New escapement shaft and pinions made for smiths clock

    Hi all new to the forum, my main interest is in watches but had this clock that would stop after a while. Thought I would share the repair I did. the case was in bad shape whe I got it, someone really liked varnish. The case was split and cracked on all the corners and edges. I sanded it down...

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