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  1. rlwindle

    1902 Kienzle Bracket Clock, by the Kienzle Clock Co., New York

    I am looking for information on the the clock, the clock movement does not have the "M" numbers on the back of it, just the flying wheel and a serial number of 57382. It is a beautiful clock and it's Westminster chime is sweet. There is a white badge or label that states Patent in USA...
  2. rlwindle

    Another French Alabaster and Marble Clock (or boat anchor)

    This French Alabaster and Marble Clock weighs a ton. The clock stands 12" tall, 14" wide and 6.5" in depth, and weights over 40 bs. The clock is in great shape movement works, as is. How I acquired it was unusual. I looked at it on eBay debating if I wanted to buy it, I decided no. About an...
  3. rlwindle

    Art Deco / Art Nouveau French Alabaster and Marble Clock with Garnitures

    Purchased this set over the holidays, I don't know if it is Art Deco or Art Nouveau. The alabaster and red marble clock case says Art Nouveau to me. The Brass ornamentation says Deco to me. The movement has a mark on it that I discovered by accident behind the gong. I rubbed a little oil on...
  4. rlwindle

    Extreme French Art Deco Carved Oak Box Clock

    Just got this beauty in, it's a French Art Deco Wall Clock manufactured by Buirette Menne. The clock is in running condition, although it needs to be cleaned. The case back needs to be replaced it has two splits running vertically on it. This beauty has to be from the 1920's The clock is 26...
  5. rlwindle

    My Lawson style 316, 1935

    This is my Lawson style 316. When I first got the numechron it was missing a piece of ornamentation on the front (picture 1), a jeweler friend corrected that by creating the piece (picture 2). There are only 3 of the clocks known to exist, this one is in the best shape of the 3. The other two...
  6. rlwindle

    Another Oxymoron

    My 1930's Pennwood Tambour Mantel clock with Royal Adler case. It hasn't arrived yet, but when I saw it, I had to have it. Looks a little weird when you are used to seeing a traditional movement in a Tambour casing. Rusty
  7. rlwindle

    Orfac Art Deco pendulum clock

    The only thing I have been able to ascertain is that this is a Dutch clock. I love the lines and flow of this clock. It is in perfect condition with minor scuff marks on the case.
  8. rlwindle

    1935-40s Pennwood Numechron

    Attached are pictures of my new/old Pennwood Numechron. I bought this numechron from a gentlemen in Mayfield in NY state. This Pennwood Numechron escaped having its model number placed on its Pennwood tag. If anyone knows it's model number please let me know. I assume it is in their 300...
  9. rlwindle

    My New Pennwood Numechron Model 303, Royal Adler case.

    I won this numechron on eBay. The case is in great condition and the clock runs, however chugs a wee bit. I have a Pennwood model 305. The escutcheon on this 303 model is what I am missing from my 305 model, both were prime to start clocks, however the movement in the new 303 has been...
  10. rlwindle

    Herman Miller Model 887 Alarm clock.

    Recently won a Herman Miller art deco alarm clock, I assume the model number is 887. It is in perfect working order, the case needs a little TLC but the clock movement is perfect and keeps perfect time. Does anyone know where I can get some information on Herman Miller models. I assume it was...
  11. rlwindle

    1932 Whitehall Hammond Pirate Clock With Garniture

    In 1932 Whitehall Hammond produced a clock and a garniture for children. The clock featured a pirate figure standing beside the clock. While they do not come up for sale that often they are not that rare. There was a garniture that also came with the clock of a pirate sitting on a stylized...
  12. rlwindle

    Tokyo Clock Mfg Co. Art Deco Clock

    I got this little jewel on eBay. It is made of grey, black, and orange marble. It is 11.5 inches long, 5 inches tall, and 2.5 inches in depth. I have tried looking up the trade mark, a T set between eagles wings, and the maker Tokyo Clock mfg co., without any luck. The clock was sold as a...
  13. rlwindle

    Any Ideas?

    I broke form and bought an older French Marble and Slate clock, the face is enamel. The movement is simple and unmarked, I pulled it out to give it a good oiling. Runs fine, maybe a little fast. Any idea of its age or maker, I think it is about 1880-90s and French. The case is in rough shape...
  14. rlwindle

    1930's White Oynx Whitehall Hammond Art Deco Clock With Garnitures

    A prime example of an opulent Whitehall Hammond White Oynx Clock with garnitures. This set was also produced in Green Oynx, the buyer had the choice of choosing one of five different garniture sets they wanted with their clock, or choosing the clock to go with the garnitures. This clock features...
  15. rlwindle

    Post WWII Chinese Day Date Clock

    I won this in auction on eBay, the clock runs beautifully and the case is really beautiful. It is a day and date clock that displays military time in a small window above the 6. The logo is three 5s in a cluster with an upside down yen mark. Do any of you gents know how to adjust the date. If...
  16. rlwindle

    1930's Bulova Art Deco Day Date Clock

    I won this on eBay it is a 1930's Bulova Day Date clock. The clock it 7 inches tall 12.25 inches wide and 2.50 in depth. The plug was shot when I got it, I replaced it and gave the primer a spin and off she took. The tag on the right side of the back of the clock says it is model 1107. The...
  17. rlwindle

    White Alabaster Male Figural New Haven Clock, 1925-35

    This is a spin primed New Haven Electric clock from the late 20' or early 30's. All parts of the clock is original. The clock is 12.5" X3.25". The figures with the clock base measure 7.25" tall. The figures are holding chains on both sides of the clock, in both hands like they are getting ready...
  18. rlwindle

    French Art Deco Figural Clock 8 Day Marble Clock with Fritz Marti Movement

    Newest addition to the Fray, from 1925-35, a figural clock with an Fritz Marti 8 day Movement and hourly chimes. The clock is 8.5" tall, 18" long, 6" wide and 20 lbs in weight. It appears that a Russian either worked on it or bought it, see bottom of clock picture. If the clock had garnitures...
  19. rlwindle

    Midcentury Modern Kundo ATO Dome clock

    Won this midcentury modern Kundo ATO dome clock on Ebay $48.50. The clock arrived yesterday, I unpacked it, put the battery in it, unlocked the pendulum, leveled it, and gave it a little nudge and off it took. This is my third ATO clock, this one is going on my desk at work.
  20. rlwindle

    Newest and Saddest Acquisition Antique Junghans (HAC) Wall Clock

    My aunt passed on Monday of this week and I drove to Houston TX to attend her funeral. I stayed at her house and was surprised to learn she had left me a clock that I had admired for along time. Here is the information I have gathered about it.The clock was made by Junghans at the "Hamburg...

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