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  1. Andy Krietzer

    What is this weight for on ST 3 5/8?

    On a Seth Thomas marked "3 5/8" 8 day time and strike movement from an Adamantine mantle clock, 1897 date on case. There is a weighted device with a pin on one end. The weight is attatched to the back plate. It is mounted near the center of the movement between the plates. I can't figure out...
  2. Andy Krietzer

    Ever hear of Veracolate brand clock?

    While visiting Spring Mill Park in Mitchell, IN, I noticed they had a few old clocks in the restored buildings in the village. One looks like an American parlour clock from the late 1800s era. It has "Veracolate" on the dial. The only thing I can find on that name doing a websearch is for a...
  3. Andy Krietzer

    Early Atmos serial numbers?

    Was it normal for the early Atmos clocks to not have a matching case and movement serial numbers? I just saw one that has 4 digit serial numbers that are close, but not matching. Number on top was 96xx, movement was 95xx. Can you give an approximate year this was made? Has there ever been...
  4. Andy Krietzer

    Interesting websites

    Here are a few websites that might be interesting to those who collect Torsion clocks. http://www.geocities.com/fixoclock/LIBRA.html Lindsay Bramall http://www.aussieclocks.com Chapter 72 http://www.nawcc-ch168.com/ Chapter 168 http://www.glassdomes.com/ Replacement glass domes...
  5. Andy Krietzer

    Age of swinger clocks?

    I admit to knowing nothing about the Junghans. Ansonia, and other swinger clocks. Yesterday I was looking through a 1975 furniture catalog that had a few NEW clocks listed. One was a statue swinger clock that is similar to the ones made by Junghans, to my eye anyway. It had an 8 day...
  6. Andy Krietzer

    NAWCC Happenings email question

    I just got the email for NAWCC Happenings. I wonder why the letter "A" is repeated so many times on the message, if it is a computer command that is not working right for me? I will copy the letter as I see it (hope it shows up here the same way): "Â " It is at the end of nearly every...
  7. Andy Krietzer

    Mercury Hazzards

    I just saw this news story on yahoo: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070619/ap_on_re_us/mercury_antiques Andy
  8. Andy Krietzer

    Crane replica?

    Has anyone ever made a replica of a Crane torsion clock? I was always fascinated by Crane clocks, but there are too few of them to go around. Andy
  9. Andy Krietzer


    I have wondered if anyone here has ever made a custom case, or torsion clock with an unusual feature? In Chapter 168's "Torsion Times" newsletter, there are a number of unusual clocks pictured from time to time, I just wonder what else has been done? One was a weight driven domed clock...
  10. Andy Krietzer

    Identify Seth Thomas

    Can anyone identify what model this Seth Thomas is? It is in a local library, and I would like to find one. http://nawcc-ihc-mb.infopop.cc/eve/forums/a/ga/ul/5121062801/inlineimg/Y/WillardSethThomas.jpg Andy
  11. Andy Krietzer

    Battery rewind torsion clocks.

    We've mentioned them but never seem to show pictures of them. Here are Schatz and Kern battery rewind clocks. First the Schatz, dated 1956: http://nawcc-ihc-mb.infopop.cc/groupee_files/photo_albums/1/6/8/1681031832/2251035442_D554CC25564A296DAB5C5453DC67E10B.jpg...
  12. Andy Krietzer

    Age of Junghans wall clock

    This Junghans has what looks like "A11" on the back of the movement. Is this a model number or a date code? Is there a way to tell when it was made? I'm not sure of the letter "A" since it isn't stamped very well. Andy...
  13. Andy Krietzer

    Anniversary clock stories

    If you didn't see this on the NAWCC homepage, you might want to send in something. Click Here Andy
  14. Andy Krietzer

    Newest Haller model

    This is the newest style of Haller 200 day torsion clock. It has the "Loricron" brand name on the dial. I think this came out in 1992 and as far as I know, is still being made. The backplate and pendulum are not in the Horolovar guide. Andy :cool...
  15. Andy Krietzer

    What do you call this?

    Saw this newer clock on ebay, and I wondered what you call this type of movement? It was probably made in the 1970s or 1980s by W&A Schmid-Schlenker. Andy
  16. Andy Krietzer

    Signatures on old messages

    I notice the signatures we used on the old message board don't show up anymore. They are gone from all messages posted there. I guess it saves space. Andy
  17. Andy Krietzer

    Atmos regulating compared to anniversary clocks

    When you regulate the time on regular anniversary clocks, you move the pendulum weight farther in or out. Since the Atmos pendulum is not adjusted this way, what do you change when you regulate it? Do you change the length of the suspension spring? Has there ever been another torsion clock...
  18. Andy Krietzer

    Search options

    For the new message board, I wonder if there is a way you could set it when searching, to look for "most recent messages first" and "oldest messages first", possibly other ways of searching too. Sometimes when I try to find a recent message, it will show some from 2002, some 2005, some recent...
  19. Andy Krietzer

    Waterbury battery oil bottle

    I posted this question in the clock section. Any information on this? old ref::Click here for message in clocks. Andy
  20. Andy Krietzer

    Waterbury battery oil bottle

    I guess you have seen the little "battery oil" bottles, usually with "Thomas A Edison" on them. I found one that has "Waterbury" written on it. It is exactly the same shape as the common Edison ones you see. Was this for a battery powered Waterbury clock, or did they make other products in...

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