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    Ingraham Electric Motor Replacement/Repair

    Hi. A while back I posted some pictures of an Ingraham electric motor from an early 1950's Pam advertising clock. The fiber gear that meshes with the motor pinion is shot and I believe beyond repair. I think based on my earlier forum questions that a replacement motor would be my best bet rather...
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    Ingraham Electric Clock Fiber Gear Repair/Replacement

    I have a Pam advertising clock with an Ingraham electric movement. I have posted some pictures of the movement. I disassembled the movement with the help and advice of this forum. I cleaned it up and lubricated it. The motor is running fine. The problem is the first gear that the motor drives is...
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    Ingraham electric clock motor

    Hi. I have vintage electric advertising clock that has an E. Ingraham electric movement in it. It is not running and in bad shape overall. The numbers are corroded but I can definately make out the number 58 on the metal housing. Does anyone know a source for a comparable electric movement? Can...
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    United Steersman Electric Novelty Clock Question

    I have a question on an Spelter figural electric novelty clock depicting FDR, Washington, and Lincoln at a ships wheel. It is stamped on the case "Steersman". I could find only one similar example of this specific clock and the dial is stamped "United" for the United clock co. This clock has a...

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