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  1. rlwindle

    Kienzle Wall Clock Date and Model Help

    I recently bought a Kienzle wall clock. The case is ovate with two convex windows on the case door. The numerals on the face of the clock looked to be hand calligraphed. I tried the German Patent office and got nowhere, they have a new site (with not much on it). The movement is marked...
  2. rlwindle

    Which MARTI makes this movement

    I have three Art Deco clocks with movements made in France by MARTI (pictured) These clocks range from the late 20s to the early 30s. I Googled the name in all capitals, and get F. Marti, and S Marti, etc. Does anyone know who this MARTI is? Thanks Russ
  3. rlwindle

    Logo ID Please

    I bought a art deco clock and garniture set, I opened the movement to see who made it the only thing on the movement is a capital "R" is this a trademark. It is an 8 day movement, nothing on the face of the clock. Thanks Russell
  4. rlwindle

    Another Wooden Anomaly

    The Lawson New York is attributed to KEM Weber, it is a bronze and brass finish, yet one wooden and brass one exists, where and who made it, no one knows. Below are pictures of my New Yorker and the Wooden one.
  5. rlwindle

    Wooden Hammond Gregory?

    I have been following and won a wooden case Hammond Gregory on Ebay. I know Hammond produced a black and brown bakelite cased Gregory, and this wooden case Gregory looks identical to those cases. The strange thing, or the only difference between the bakelite and the wooden one is on the back the...
  6. rlwindle

    Wesclox, Lux, or Bugle Boy

    Wesclox, Lux, and Bugle Boy made variations on the novelty clock below. Wesclox's (Beige in the pictures) Model has three patent numbers on the top. Bugle Boy sometimes has a thermometer on top. Lux made the clock also. The documentation does not list any of these makers. I assume it is a...
  7. rlwindle

    German Eugen Bauer Jubliee Clock 1930

    I bought this clock intending to remove the movement and use in in another clock when I ordered it, based on the picture of it I saw. When it arrived, I changed my mind it was in really great shape for it's age. It has an eight day movement that purrs like a kitten. When I looked at the back...
  8. rlwindle

    Carrez Modele Depose Art Deco Wall Clock

    Does anyone know anything about the Carrez Clock Company. I just bought a Walnut Case Art Deco Wall clock made by them. The case is in pretty rough shape, the veneers on the front are chipped and warped a little. The clock mark is in the second picture and the model I believe is in the third...
  9. rlwindle

    Weird Pendulum on a clock

    I purchased a clock today and was getting it running. The clock has the weridess pendulum I have ever seen. It is in the shape of an upside down capital T but the tittle part has a weight on each end. the weights can be turned to speed or slow down the clock. See the picture of the back of...

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