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  1. Andy Krietzer

    Can someone Identify this steeple clock

    It looks almost identical to a Forestville movement I have. This was part of JC Brown's clock business. The one I have is marked "FORESTVILLE.M.F.G.Co BRISTOL.CT" The BR.... could be Brown or Bristol, but the label on my clock has "Eight day... in that area where your's has BR..., and mine...
  2. Andy Krietzer

    Help ID my mom's Jahresuhren-Fabrik?

    Hi, The Horolovar guide lists it as plate #1469B, circa 1910. It was made by Jahresuhrenfabrik for National Silver Co. Also plate #1260 is very similar and dated circa 1930. I believe these dates shown are when this style movement was first used, so your 1920 date would fit. The dial looks...
  3. Andy Krietzer

    Border Art Homemade Clock Face

    This reminds me of an original unrestored Junghans clock I have. Not as colorful, but in a similar style. The pendulum has a matching design. I am not sure when this was made, but I suspect 1910 - 1920s. Andy
  4. Andy Krietzer

    Herschede problem

    Randy Thatcher runs R&M Imports. He bought out the remainder of the Herschede clock parts inventory in 1992, and also has new replacement parts made. He helped me get mine in order. The repair guide by Steven Conover is very helpful. 1-800-762-5015 or 1-513-897-5015 R&M Imports Box 60...
  5. Andy Krietzer

    Herschede problem

    Here is a closeup of the area I am referring to. Andy
  6. Andy Krietzer

    Herschede problem

    Bill, Looking at mine from the front of the clock: When the dial indicator is set for Whittington chime, the shift lever #2261 you mention has a (roughly) 1/8" gap between it and the pin on the end of the cylinder (so the cylinder is at its far left). The indicator will turn more than 1/3 of a...
  7. Andy Krietzer

    Unusual Seth Thomas??

    I have one that looks like the same case, but with a different movement. It has an 89 C. It counts the hours on a gong, and strikes the half on a bell. Andy
  8. Andy Krietzer

    Mistakes in the Horolovar book?

    Bill Ellison now owns Horolovar. Charles Terwilliger has passed away, if I'm not mistaken. Andy
  9. Andy Krietzer

    New Atmos owner questions

    Timepast, I have an Atmos from 1953 (according to serial no., #32,067). It has run pretty faithfully for the several years that I have owned it. It did stop on it's own twice, once was when the room temperature dropped to the low 60s (degrees F). No known reason it stopped the other time. I have...
  10. Andy Krietzer

    What is this weight for on ST 3 5/8?

    Thanks guys! LaBounty explained it exactly! Andy :Party:
  11. Andy Krietzer

    What is this weight for on ST 3 5/8?

    On a Seth Thomas marked "3 5/8" 8 day time and strike movement from an Adamantine mantle clock, 1897 date on case. There is a weighted device with a pin on one end. The weight is attatched to the back plate. It is mounted near the center of the movement between the plates. I can't figure out...
  12. Andy Krietzer

    Ever hear of Veracolate brand clock?

    While visiting Spring Mill Park in Mitchell, IN, I noticed they had a few old clocks in the restored buildings in the village. One looks like an American parlour clock from the late 1800s era. It has "Veracolate" on the dial. The only thing I can find on that name doing a websearch is for a...
  13. Andy Krietzer

    Early Atmos serial numbers?

    John, It was at a local auction. I think I was bidding against a family member, the local resellers dropped out early. The picture is from the auction website, and I didn't take any. It seems like the movement number may have been close to 9539, but only a guess. It was in the 9500s. There...
  14. Andy Krietzer

    Early Atmos serial numbers?

    Thanks John. This was at an auction, and I didn't bid quite high enough. Serial number on top was 9600 (exactly), but I don't remember the other number on the movement. This had the adjustment rod that goes to the back, and black hands and numbers...
  15. Andy Krietzer

    Early Atmos serial numbers?

    Was it normal for the early Atmos clocks to not have a matching case and movement serial numbers? I just saw one that has 4 digit serial numbers that are close, but not matching. Number on top was 96xx, movement was 95xx. Can you give an approximate year this was made? Has there ever been...
  16. Andy Krietzer

    Interesting websites

    Here are a few websites that might be interesting to those who collect Torsion clocks. http://www.geocities.com/fixoclock/LIBRA.html Lindsay Bramall http://www.aussieclocks.com Chapter 72 http://www.nawcc-ch168.com/ Chapter 168 http://www.glassdomes.com/ Replacement glass domes...
  17. Andy Krietzer

    Ae Phonos/victrolas better than clocks?

    RJ, There are a lot of fakes being made. Many of the outside horn phonographs I have seen on ebay are fakes. Like anything, you have to know what you are buying, so study up. A lot of the fakes I have seen use old portable phonograph motors (probably made into the 1950s or even later, and...
  18. Andy Krietzer

    Reply Not Displaying

    Tony, I went to that thread and it only showed 28 pages. I posted a message saying "testing ...." and it showed up on page 29. Now I see your message just before mine, on page 29. (Not an answer, just an observation). Andy
  19. Andy Krietzer

    Clockmakers Hall of Shame

    testing ...
  20. Andy Krietzer

    I am a bit concerned

    So I guess there are some people who think they have only joined a "chapter", when they have really joined the NAWCC too. It looks like the ones running the chapter would have made this clear. $65 to join just a Chapter? Andy

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