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    One more request for help with identification.

    Caliber made by Parrenin Regards enrico
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    LeCoultre ebauche with unique balance

    Is the same person, the M for Monsieur ( Mister) here is a brief description of the patent "The object of the invention is intended to replace the "racket" generally in use in watch movements with a view to adjusting the function of the spiral of the escapement; this result is obtained by said...
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    UTI Reverse Sidewinder

    The name Utinam is the motto of the city of Besancon, which in Latin has different meanings the most used is " everything will be fine" Utinam watch factory In 1905-1906, engineer Georges Meyer built a watch factory called 'Fabrique Utinam' on the corner of rue des Villas. The factory was...
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    Claude Crettiez

    But the workers' protest was backed by people from Geneva who stirred up the riots to eliminate Crettiez who was building raws movements for Swiss factories at a much lower cost. Audemars used Parrenin Marguet's raws movements and Colonnaz, for Patek Philippe, used Savoy's raws movements.It was...
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    German pocket watch - please help to identify

    Roland Ranfft has done a great deal of cataloging movements, but it is difficult to catalog movements produced before the twentieth century or movements built as raw to be worked on by other watchmakers. Even large factories like Longines Zenith Omega also built raws for others, so sometimes you...
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    Moncas of Liverpool

    It seems to me there is something similar, like the screws of the chaton vissee. http://www.plads.com/m57/JamesRussell/index.html regards enrico
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    Moncas of Liverpool

    Hope this help Regards enrico
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    Is this pocket watch worth repairing?

    Given that the imports of gold cases to the English market were much lower, 13% of the total, 35% in metal and 50% in silver in 1910. In fact, rarely see Swiss gold cases with the three Helvetia head hallmarks. The law provided that the cases, originally, they had to be declared for the...
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    Is this pocket watch worth repairing?

    Was made by Langendorf, the gold case with the Helvetia hallmark (18K) also branded Langendorf. Regards enrico
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    Moncas of Liverpool

    This trapezoid silhouette is usually a continental feature. Regards enrico
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    German pocket watch - please help to identify

    E&F is the casemaker, it should be Erard and Favre who were casemakers in LeLocle.While JW Johan Wittenberg was the importer in Breslau and the movement was built by Cortebert, the words Systeme Glashuette were widely used because German watchmaking could not satisfy the German market, so...
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    Unusal RUEGGER cylinder movement

    Osvaldo Patrizzi also lists: Ruegger Alfred Horloger et Montres à clè savonnettes en or et email Rue Centrale 34 en 1857 Ruegger J.L.A. Etablisseur rue Granges 3 en 1870 Regards enrico
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    Unusal RUEGGER cylinder movement

    I had found this reference, hope this help. Regards enrico
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    LeCoultre? Minute Repeater

    Regards enrico
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    Help with a common Hallmark on the Watch case

    Maybe it indicates the weight of the case in ounces? Regards enrico
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    Possible ships chronometer housing?

    Or something like that? Regards enrico
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    Bettlach or Kummer? Identify help.

    Not so neat, this was doe to fool the customers. BTW Edouard Kummer had patented the mobile hair stud, but the patent was forgotten and rediscovered after many years. Regards enrico
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    Assistance with Identification of a Quarter Repeater, Moon Phase, Triple Calendar

    Found in Zantke's book on Audemars, some points like the intermediate wheel with four screws and the shape of the bridge are similar, perhaps the same raw maker origin? Regards enrico
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    Can it be revived? The Audemars-Huguenin Horse Timer

    A. Huguenin was a descendant of Jules Frederic Huguenin who moved from Bienne to La Chaux de Fonds, his first patent is from 1889 but already in business before. Regards enrico

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