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    Need S T #2 Regulator dial bezel repaired

    The clock is in nice shape but the wood bezel has some issues. Not the least is that 2 segments are sawn off at the hinge. We can all hypothesize on that one, but the 91 year old lady who I bought it from had no idea how or when it happened. Did the bezels change over the years? This is an 1899...
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    Hairspring dips down when wedge is installed

    I have a miniature French carriage clock with a cylinder escapement. Even without running for over 20 years it ran fine with a few winds. Pivots and holes were good and needed no repair. The balance was in beat with about 180 degrees total swing. It lost about 10 minutes a day with the regulator...
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    Ordering a second hand

    Hello all, This is the first time I've had to order a second hand. Merritt's and Timesavers list the hand length and mounting post length and even if the mounting post is slotted, but not the size of the hole to fit on the seconds bit. Do they go by the type of clock the hand is listed for, or...
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    Veneer type

    I'll try this again. What kind of veneer is used on this Waterbury schoolhouse. Thanks, Bob
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    Need help identifying clock

    Hi, Anyone recognize this door shape? I think it started life as an E.N.Welch kitchen clock but I haven't found a picture of one with a door like this. It has what I believe is the original 1870 club tooth escapement movement. It originally had a brass bell, not the chime rod. Thanks, Bob
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    Club tooth escapement replacement

    I have an E. N. Welch with a club tooth escapement. Could this be replaced with a recoil verge/escape wheel set like Merritt's and Timesavers sells? Also, can someone define some of the common abbreviations such as EW,IMHO,TC etc that are used on the message board. Thanks, Bob
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    Picture posting problems

    Can't post more than 1 picture at a time from 'my pictures'. I can highlight them but only 1 shows up. Suggestions please. Also after I use 'preview post' I can't seem to make any changes. Is there a way to edit or delete? Thanks Bob

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