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  1. doc_fields

    Cable/Pulley Retainer for Grandfather Clocks

    Cables can be a MESS when unwound from the drum and loose, agreed? I think everyone agrees on this. I've been working on a Herschedes hall clock movement for the last few months, correcting and repairing things that went wrong, and things that were helped along that way. In Conover's book on...
  2. doc_fields

    Steven Conover

    Does Steven still have his discussion board? I've not been able to find it online. Thanks!...........................gary
  3. doc_fields

    Calculating Wheel Train Counts

    Is there any reference material on figuring or calculating wheel train counts for long running clocks (I'm looking at 1 year, and not a 400 day type clock ;)) using a weight, no springs or fusee. I'm not much of a math whiz, but would like to learn some of this. And, BTW, how are train counts...
  4. doc_fields

    ER Collets

    What would I need, beside the ER Collets, to use them in my Sherline lathe and mill? Thanks!................gary
  5. doc_fields

    Simple Tool(s) For Clock Assembly and Testing

    I found a simple method to ease clock assembly and for testing purposes. I came up with the idea of using small hitchpins. Normally, we would have to insert wires in the post holes to retain levers and whatnot. If something needs to be adjusted or removed, then we have to take the wires out...
  6. doc_fields

    Horological Heresy?

    Over the years, many clock movements have come and gone across my bench. One type that always got to me was the kind that has a hole through the end post for the levers and such. I've seen some debate on here (long ago) about what to use and what not to use. The "what not" to use were tapered...
  7. doc_fields

    What is the missing part here on Herschede tubular clock?

    Working on this Herschede tubular clock. In this picture there are the remains of a flat brass spring (held in place by a slotted screw, with a tang in a hole on the lever), which apparently was an original part from the factory, broken and never replaced or a new one made. Would anyone...
  8. doc_fields

    Best stripper to use for kitchen clock?

    I'm working on on an old kitchen clock case that the customer wants refinished in a lighter stain. The original stain is very dark, and it looks and acts like shellac is over that. I've tried the "environmentally" friendly orange stuff in a spray can from Home Depot, but don't like the results...
  9. doc_fields

    Pocket watch bezel repair needed

    Would anyone know of someone around St. Louis or Kansas City, Missouri that can do pocket watch case work, particularly the bezel for a hunter style Seth Thomas watch. I am not able to repair this for a customer, nor able to get it to retain the crystal very well. I repaired it the first time...
  10. doc_fields

    Swartchild Jewels

    Recently I obtained a watchmaker's estate of watch material. One of the prized boxes of goodies was a metal drawer box from Swartchild's supply house, and in it were these vials of friction jewels. There was no accompanying chart or paperwork in the box, and I didn't want to open any of the...
  11. doc_fields

    Making Your Own Jeweler's Saw

    I subscribe to the website of Instructables, and this was in today's articles. I remember sometime back that someone had either made their own jeweler's saw or whatever. Here's a link to the article I just got, and I hope this link works for you! Handmade Jeweler's Saw I may make this soon! It...
  12. doc_fields

    Discrepancy using Microset 2

    In order to try and get some clocks I repair adjusted to keep accurate time, I've been using the Microset feature to measure the time it takes for the minute hand to go around in one hour. After setting up the Microset to time the interval, I leave it in a darkened room to run through the night...
  13. doc_fields

    Removing Dried UV Cement from a Pocket Watch Bezel

    Is there a way to chemically remove the UV cement from inside a watch bezel? Over the years I have scraped it out using a small bladed screwdriver tip. Must be a better way? Would acetone work?..................................gary
  14. doc_fields

    Source for dial pan nails.

    Years ago when first starting out in this business, I bought a small package of these nails that are used on a lot of Tambour clock cases to hold the dial pan to the case from Timesavers. I've used up all these nails now, and thought I'd order more from them. I've ordered the #18 and #16 sizes...
  15. doc_fields

    Why Are Pin Pallet Escapements Not Considered Good?

    I like working on pin pallet escapements, and I see a lot in print that they are not considered good escapements. Why? I can understand when they are put in cheap watches like dollar watches, but if used in a better movement, would they be reliable?............................gary
  16. doc_fields

    Westclox Bull's Eye PW Crystal Removal

    How is the crystal in the Westclox pocket watches removed? Special tool? I know it is pressed in from behind, and with a lot of pressure. Thanks in advance!............................gary
  17. doc_fields

    New Idea for a Dust Cover

    I posted this in the Tools forum, and thought the watchmakers here might find it interesting. Just go over to the tools forum and look for this topic by the title of this thread. (Edit) I didn't post the title right to this thread, and I couldn't edit the title, so I'll provide the link here...
  18. doc_fields

    New Idea for a Watch Movement Dust Cover

    I thought this would be the place on the tools forum to show another tool we could use on our benches and shelves. I ordered these dust covers from S. LaRose about 16 years ago when I was getting started in clock and watch repair. They were handy, but a real pain to pick up and move over to a...
  19. doc_fields

    Bent lug on case end

    I have a wrist watch in for restoration, a 17 jewel Hawthorne (swiss made). The case is made of brass, plated with nickel I believe, which has largely worn off. Since it is a brass base case, with a bent lug, how would you go about straightening it? A little heat and careful bending with flat...
  20. doc_fields

    Cutting metric threads on an inch sherline lathe

    I'm really quite ignorant when it comes to things metric other than measuring pivots and items related to clock and watch work. I'm working on a Lepine pocket watch that's about 150 years old, key wound and key set. The 4 screws that hold down the cover over the click wheel for the mainspring...

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