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    Hamilton Santa Fe

    attached are some photos
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    Hamilton Santa Fe

    first time seeing a hamilton with the wordings in a cross Santa Fe on the dial, ill try to up load photos, but was wondering was this done by hamilton or other companys? the movement is a swiss movement 881 automatic
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    Name of clock with Criss Cross Arrows Info please

    I just got a older clock with no name on it, on the movement there are some numbers and only 2 arrows criss crossed like an X. On the case it is marked the same with the wording original... i will try to upload photos tomarrow thanks for any help
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    Old P Andriel? Pocket watch info needed

    i believe it is marked P Andriel. but i am not for sure. its in a 18K case
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    Old P Andriel? Pocket watch info needed

    i believe it is marked P Andriel. but i am not for sure. its in a 18K case
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    Real or Fake Cartier

    I am trying to determin if an Cartier Wrist Watch i just got is Real or Fake. The watch is in a 18K case that tested to be 18K but the case has a crystal back (so you can see the movement) the movement number is 9601 mc 20 jewels marked Swiss. It is also in a large 38mm by 46mm Tonneau Case...
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    Dueber Pocket Watch

    ok i have a Dueber Pocket Watch. On the movement it is marked the Dueber Watch Co Patent Pinion Canton Ohio 675007 on the dial it is also marked Dueber Watch Co. Attached are photos of the watch
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    columbus pocket watch

    thanks much kent
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    columbus pocket watch

    I am in search for some info on a newly squired pocket watch i presently got. It is a Columbus Pocket Watch On the dial it is marked Columbus Watch Co On the movment it is marked Columbus Watch Co Columbus Ohio Safety Pinon with the serial numbers 170579 Now i know it dates to ruffly 1891, but...
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    James Russell Info

    ah.... cool... do you know of anybody that has one of the end pieces for it?
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    James Russell Info

    hmm so could this then be an american watch? i dont think it is but you never know...
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    James Russell Info

    I have a 14k European Hunters Case Pocket Watch that i am in search of some info on On the inside of the dust cover it is marked No 2107 James Russell Locle patent Lever 15 Jewels. I had this case tested to be 14K but it could be higher... On the inside of the case it is marked WP Co with a...
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    1912 or earlier Vulcan Repeater Pocket Watch - please help...

    www.cwrnh.com is my watch smith.... i do know that we are not allowed to state prices on here... so i can not help you there
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    Repeater Info

    Ok i am helping a new friend out. He is searching for a date, possible maker of his repeater. all i know off hand is that it is a min repeater and it is in a 14k Case. here are the photos he sent me
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    Nivada Grenchen info

    dave, on the Rarity Scale what would you rate this watch 1-10, Ive been searching online to find another one and i cant. The closest one i can find is a Nivada Grenchen Automatic Depthmaster but then it sill does not have the inside back dial like the one i have and is from the 70's
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    Nivada Grenchen info

    the center dial does move (the center black, i mean) but how do i determine or use the depth Gage?
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    Nivada Grenchen info

    Thanks much so far, hear is some more photos and some more info. on the movement it is marked Nivada 21 jewels Swiss on the inside of the case it is marked Swiss Made Super Compressor Brevet + 317537 Brevet + 337462 9-63 3481198
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    Nivada Grenchen info

    ok i just got a cool Nivada Grenchen Automatic Dephtomac and was searching for info on date made and such, at the moment i am trying to take the back off but it is not working. hear are some photos. ill get photos of the movement once i have the back off
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    whos the maker?

    there are no marks on the case other than the case serial number
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    Unknown Clock Help please

    thats what i ment.... not ivory...lol but how could we tell if the last owner is correct or not?

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