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    removal of crutch and anchor

    ok got the crutch off now to try the anchor heated and punched the end
  2. Z

    removal of crutch and anchor

    it seem that the crotch spins and there is a washer or something on the shaft as that does not spin when crotch does
  3. Z

    removal of crutch and anchor

    Hi ladies and gentleman can someone tell me the best way to remove the crutch and anchor from this shaft so i can re-pivot both ends its a gustav becker p64 movement tried heating but crouch just turns on shaft.
  4. Z

    vienna weights

    how do you make Vienna weights -- more the bottom ie got the tube how do you get the bottom disc to stay in place while you pour the lead does it automatically stick to the molten lead or do you solder it first
  5. Z

    Tiffany never wind

    hello all I have a very early tiffany never wind clock that I need help with Do you think it would be worth restoring it would mean someone else to do it or ebay it out please see photos
  6. Z

    makers mark

    could someone tell me what the makers mark on this dial is/says
  7. Z

    How much weight to run this German "Vienna"?

    1.3 KG I have on my one exactly the same as your one
  8. Z

    gustav becker p64

    Cheers Bill thats a good idea. seen them in cousins as I'm in England £24-95 so 34.76 dollars will get them ;)
  9. Z

    gustav becker p64

    I have a Gustuv Becker twin weight with a p64 movement but its missing the suspension. Can anyone tell me the correct suspension it should have, when I got it it had a piece of plastic with a 2" panel pin through it to hold the pendulum (it didn't work )
  10. Z

    bulle clock magnet bar clamp

    Does anyone have a spare magnet clamp like the one in photo willing to pay
  11. Z

    Bulle Post Your Bulle-Clocks Here

    can someone tell me the size of the gap between top and bottom plate of the Bulle suspension pls
  12. Z

    Bulle Post Your Bulle-Clocks Here

    hans you can get the spring from Carlton clocks in England they specialise in Bulle clocks
  13. Z

    Horolovar (duplicate post)

    RIP from GB
  14. Z

    Clock Open Do you have one of these lying about?

    on on a auction site here in GB David Lay Frics is the name of the auctioneer but its with the whole clock and a hass 400 day one two
  15. Z

    ultrasonic cleaning liquid

    yes know but but FDelGreco has liquid detergent and oleic acid i just wondered what is the need for the liquid detergent
  16. Z

    Clock Clock Parts Wanted

    Does anyone have a time side arbour assembly for a Ansonia 5 1/2 movement, 80 tooth 60mm dia as per photos mine is missing the click and is very badly worn click wheel
  17. Z

    Clock Open Do you have one of these lying about?

    i did have,sold it on ebay a few months ago sorry found it in a box of odds and sods i bought at a auction that i paid £10 for, sold it for £85
  18. Z

    ultrasonic cleaning liquid

    FDelGreco sort of the same as i have been using except yours has liquid detergent in does that make a lot of difference ? see below my formula
  19. Z

    ultrasonic cleaning liquid

    DEOX 007 - Cant find in England
  20. Z

    ultrasonic cleaning liquid

    does anybody make their own ultrasonic cleaning fluid what do you use ?

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