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  1. abe

    ID my brother's clock, please

    My brother sold the farm we both grew up on on Friday. It had been a while since I was there. Our Dad had lots of clocks. He gave each of us 4 kids a shelf clock or a wall clock. I have a Barnes and Bartholomew wooden works clock that runs good. Anyhow, I saw my brother's clock was running and...
  2. abe

    Identify friend's Seth Thomas please

    My friend has this nice Seth Thomas clock hanging in his kitchen. It came out of his church. Can anyone tell me more about it, like the approximate build date (I did not take it off the wall so I did not look inside to look for a date) Thank you.
  3. abe

    Back to Standard Time

    For those of us in most of the United States, we went back to Standard Time today. This morning before church I stopped my three clocks that run around 9:00 DST. So an hour later I restarted them. In that hour it was strangely quiet in my downstairs. I have a tall case clock in the living...
  4. abe

    My sister's clocks

    I was at my sister's new house yesterday. She now has room to display her clocks. I didn't know she has so many clocks. Our dad always had a lot of clocks. I have two of them, a Thomas Lister tall case clock and a Barnes and Bartholomew column and splat plus a Sessions banjo just like Dad had...
  5. abe

    Barnes and Bartholomew label

    Does anyone sell reproduction Barnes and Bartholomew paper labels? Mine is legible but wondering if it could be replaced.
  6. abe

    New Haven 30 day clock

    Thanks for the quick replies on my friends tall case clock question. My friend has another clock we'd like more info on. I've never seen a 30 day clock. It has two winding arbors so I imagine it has 2 springs. There is a brass plate, pictured, that days "New Haven, Conn., USA." Above that is...
  7. abe

    Age of tall case clock

    HI guys. Can someone tell me the approximate age of this tall case clock. A dear widowed friend has sold her house and her son got the clock. I never took pictures of it while in her house so I had to take pics of it in a climate controlled storage shed. It is about 9 feet tall. Thank you. Abe
  8. abe

    The soft tic tocking of my Wooden Works clock at Christmas

    Here is a video of my Barnes and Bartholomew wooden works clock on Christmas sitting on our antique Dry Sink given to us by my parents. The clock also came from my parents. My wife is responsible for the Christmas decorating. I love the softer sound that a wooden works clock makes. I do enjoy...
  9. abe

    Barnes and Bartholomew just stopped working

    I have a Barnes and Bartholomew wooden works 30 hour clock. Last fall it was repaired by a member of NAWCC that lives near me. It ran well and kept good time. Then it stopped. About a month later I had to move the clock and as it sat on my dining room table it started ticking! I put it back in...
  10. abe


    Why are wooden works clocks called groaners?
  11. abe

    Difference between P & S and C & S

    Simple question here: What is the difference between a pillar and scroll clock and a column and splat clock? Which one is this, my Barnes and Bartholomew wooden works clock?
  12. abe

    Price range for these clocks at estate auction?

    Hi, a 96 year old single lady I mowed grass for died and her estate sale is August 14. I am interested in two clocks she has. I know it is difficult to give a fair appraisal like this but I need to know how high I should go. Unfortunately I can not copy the pictures from the auction site but...
  13. abe

    Thomas Lister moon phase question

    I have a Thomas Lister Clock. The moon phase dial does not turn correctly all the time. I had the hood off today and could not see what makes the dial move. How does it move? What moves it? Some pics:
  14. abe

    Banjo Chime spring

    I have a Sessions Revere banjo. I've owned it for more than 7 years. It has kep good time. Last week I went to wind it and the chime spring did not get any tighter. I think the spring is broken or somehow it is not winding correctly. Today I took the face off to look inside. To my amatuer eye I...
  15. abe

    Are Sessions clocks dated?

    I have the face of my Sessions Revere Banjo clock off as I am putting a new convex glass in place. Is there a date code somewhere on the front of the works of the date it was made? Thanks, Abe
  16. abe

    convex glass for Sessions clock

    My Sessions Revere banjo clock needs the convex glass. Ebay sells them for $12.99 with free shipping. Does anyone know what size I need? It looks like I need a 6" but it could be a 6 1/8". How tight should it fit? How much tolerance is there? I want to be sure before I order one. Thanks, Abe
  17. abe

    New Haven 30 day clock

    A family friend has this clock that I would like to know more about. It is a 30 day clock. There is a brass plaque mounted below the pendulum that says" New Haven Clock Company, New Haven, Conn USA" What can you tell me about this clock. Are they rare? How valuable are they in terms of dollars...
  18. abe

    Clocks in "It's a Wonderful Life" movie

    We watched "It's a Wonderful Life" last night at a theater on the big screen and I couldn't help but admire the old (to us) clocks in the movie. I have looked still shots of them but the only one I can find is the clock in George Baileys office. It is a wall clock that looks like a column and...
  19. abe

    Don Bruno wooden works

    Have any of you ever bought any wooden work gears from Don Bruno from Torrington,CT? His website is: http://www.clockcollecting.com/bruno/ I want to get my Barnes and Bartholomew clock running and need a wooden gear. Info on him, please.
  20. abe

    Questions about Barnes and Bartholomew Clock

    Can anyone tell me approximately when this Barnes and Bartholomew, Bristol, CT clock was made? It is a wooden gear clock not working currently. One gear has a few teeth knocked off, I plan on buying the gear and getting it running again. It ran about 10 years ago. It is a 30 hour clock. Would...

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