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  1. rlwindle

    1929 Leon Hatot Bakelite Desk/Shelve Clock

    My latest acquisition, this little clock is unique, it is made out of Bakelite. it appears in Leon Hatot's 1929 catalog and is described as, "716 E...Nickel-plated face with polished visible parts. Luxury model, new material verrolythe, with parts transparent and black and chrome parts.....775...
  2. rlwindle

    Latest acquisition, 1925 - 26 Leon Hatot, ATO Yellow Marble Mantel Clock

    I made an offer on this beautiful 1925 - 26 Leon Hatot ATO clock on eBay, and it was accepted, The tear drop on the hands and the open center date this clock. When I got it and hooked a battery up to it, nothing happened. I took the movement out of the case and took it to the garage and gave it...
  3. rlwindle

    ATO ATO Insulation problem

    I took my ATO clock apart to clean it, when I put it back together it does not run. I thought there was an insulation problem in putting the battery clamp (see drawing) back in, so I redid it. The repair booklet said that if it is not insulated well, it won't run. I thought I was meticulous...
  4. rlwindle

    1902 Kienzle Bracket Clock, by the Kienzle Clock Co., New York

    I am looking for information on the the clock, the clock movement does not have the "M" numbers on the back of it, just the flying wheel and a serial number of 57382. It is a beautiful clock and it's Westminster chime is sweet. There is a white badge or label that states Patent in USA...
  5. rlwindle

    Another French Alabaster and Marble Clock (or boat anchor)

    This French Alabaster and Marble Clock weighs a ton. The clock stands 12" tall, 14" wide and 6.5" in depth, and weights over 40 bs. The clock is in great shape movement works, as is. How I acquired it was unusual. I looked at it on eBay debating if I wanted to buy it, I decided no. About an...
  6. rlwindle

    Art Deco / Art Nouveau French Alabaster and Marble Clock with Garnitures

    Purchased this set over the holidays, I don't know if it is Art Deco or Art Nouveau. The alabaster and red marble clock case says Art Nouveau to me. The Brass ornamentation says Deco to me. The movement has a mark on it that I discovered by accident behind the gong. I rubbed a little oil on...
  7. rlwindle

    Extreme French Art Deco Carved Oak Box Clock

    Just got this beauty in, it's a French Art Deco Wall Clock manufactured by Buirette Menne. The clock is in running condition, although it needs to be cleaned. The case back needs to be replaced it has two splits running vertically on it. This beauty has to be from the 1920's The clock is 26...
  8. rlwindle

    Kienzle Wall Clock Date and Model Help

    I recently bought a Kienzle wall clock. The case is ovate with two convex windows on the case door. The numerals on the face of the clock looked to be hand calligraphed. I tried the German Patent office and got nowhere, they have a new site (with not much on it). The movement is marked...
  9. rlwindle

    Cloister Clock Rewire

    I am rewiring my Cloister clock, what size double wire do I use in the wire compartment that hides the wiring from the battery compartment to the clock shunt etc. Next question, how do you insert the new spring in the ball adapter. I am at a loss on that. Thanks Russ
  10. rlwindle

    ATO Tip

    I have struggled trying to get the little brass nuts that hold the ATO clock movements back together in their cases, I have tried needle nose pliers and a number of other implements to try to accomplish this feat. I have discovered while toying around with a new old/new Leon Hatot ATO clock...
  11. rlwindle

    My Lawson style 316, 1935

    This is my Lawson style 316. When I first got the numechron it was missing a piece of ornamentation on the front (picture 1), a jeweler friend corrected that by creating the piece (picture 2). There are only 3 of the clocks known to exist, this one is in the best shape of the 3. The other two...
  12. rlwindle

    Brocot Suspension Pin Problem

    I am having a problem removing a pin on a Brocot Suspension, I bought a new suspension spring to replace the damaged one on the clock movement but can remove the pin holding the old one in, any suggestions, I am pretty much a rookie when it comes to this.
  13. rlwindle

    ATO 1929 Leon Hatot Art Deco Clock with Garnitures

    I have recently been able to service this black and white alabaster and obsidian clock with silver plated owls. I have had the clock for over four years now, the first year it ran beautifully, then it stopped and the pendulum would barely move back and forth but it wasn't enough to move the...
  14. rlwindle

    ATO Movement Repair

    Does anyone know how to, or anyone, who can repair a 1933 Leon Hatot ATO movement. Mine just rocks gradually from side to side, not enough to move the hands. I just want to get it repaired. Contact me if you can help or know of someone. The regulator nut seen on the side in the picture is on...
  15. rlwindle

    Pennwood Pennwood Starlight Model number?

    I recently bought a Pennwood Starlight numechron. It has a model number on it that a previous owner pasted a piece of foam over, the first two digits are 20 however the foam has made the last digit unreadable. The clock is listed in 20th Century Clocks, but only as the Starlight. Does anyone...
  16. rlwindle

    Art Deco Mystery Cyclometer with cigarette lighter and penholder.

    I bought this cyclometer off of eBay, there is not a makers logo or mark on it, which led me to believe it was a Smith Metal Arts clock, but I don't believe Smith Metal Arts made any high end clocks like this one. The movement is neither Lawson or Pennwood which also led me to believe it was...
  17. rlwindle

    Leon Hatot ATO Clock Repair

    I recently had to move completely out of my house here in Dallas for some foundation repairs (never buy a slab foundation house in Texas). I have an ATO clock on my mantel, the ATO clock went with me locking the magnetic pendulum so it did not move, the clock was never packed and was with me...
  18. rlwindle

    Herman Miller Model 736.

    I recently bought a Herman Miller Model 736 (stamped on the bottom of the). The case of the clock is painted with a band of flowers (see picture). Does anyone know if this is original, or added later. Thanks Russ
  19. rlwindle

    Regulating a ATO Clock

    I recently purchased a Leon Hatot Original ATO clock. The movement works, but is fast, there is a knob near the bottom of the clock that I am wondering if it regulates the clock. The knob (see white arrow however doesn't indicate which way to turn it to slow it down of make it go faster. My...
  20. rlwindle

    Post your Pennwood Numechrons Here

    I am starting a catalog of the Pennwood Numechrons from 1935 up. Please post a picture of your numechron (s) with a model number or name and the year if known. Thanks-Russ

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