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  1. Probox

    How to shorten the Balance Fork on my balance for the Seth Thomas repair

    Hi. I was cleaning and reassembling this Seth Thomas clock and when I was using the lathe to polish the pivots I had a little mishap with the fork arm. It got bent. I simply straightened it and reassembled. Now the forks are touching the balance pin thus stopping the balance from freely...
  2. Probox

    Seth Thomas Ships clock trouble with resumption after the warning

    I have a Seth Thomas ships clock per photos. It was running when I acquired it but would stop - was very dirty. I dismantled, cleaned in the ultrasonic including removing the mainsprings and cleaning and greasing. I reassembled and am now testing. I have two issues but I'll start with the...
  3. Probox

    Fusee movement with Winding arbors on the wrong side - not same side as the motionworks???

    I have a very unusual clock movement. It's a nice solid fusee movement. I purchased it an auction with other movements. I hadn't noticed it at first but the winding arbors are on the opposite side of the motionworks where the hands would be. What kind of clock case would accomodate this...
  4. Probox

    Is there a movement holder device for vienna regulators?

    I want to monitor the EW/pallet interactions on my vienna regulator movement. I cannot do it while the movement is installed up on the wall in the case. I want to view it out of the case but as you know Vienna's have the pendulum hanging on the back of the case. Has someone come up with a...
  5. Probox

    Benrus Electronic (not quartz) mal functioning - what could it be?

    As I'm sure most of you on this forum know this is an electronic watch with mechanical movement. I purchased the watch about 1 month ago on Ebay and it worked fine for bout 2 weeks and then I laid it up for 2 weeks. Then when I went to use it it had stopped, I took to a jewellery store and got...
  6. Probox

    Hammond Clock Co Synchronous 2 Watt Motor 25 cycle

    I am repairing a Hammond Electric clock and it has a Herman Miller Mauthe movement. The part I need is the Synchronous motor - see photos. Thanks if you have one. Connect with me and I'll purchase. I will try to get this one repaired at an electrical shop If nobody has one lying around.
  7. Probox

    What Have I Got Here? Longcase or Morbier?

    This is my latest find at an auction. Very very early. and extremely interesting. Appeared at first to be a longcase clock movement with time and strike with one bell missing. No plates though? Just brass columns so now I'm thinking French Morbier? But doesn't have the Morbier/Comptoise...
  8. Probox

    What are these for?

    Hi. Can anybody tell me what these are and what they are used for?
  9. Probox


    Working on a marine clock with lever escapement. It stops frequently. I noticed the escape wheel has a wobble in it. Any body have any techniques for straightening the gear? Not the arbor, it is straight , it's the wheel that has a warp in it. I do have a lathe I can spin in it but what...
  10. Probox

    Help Vienna Regulator lost it's beat - New EW maybe?

    Hi all. I've had this Vienna Regulator for about 5 years now and it's always worked well, except that one day an experienced hobbyist did mention the pendulum swing appeared somewhat minimal for the clock. I agreed that it was but seemed to work okay, so I didn't fix something that wasn't broke...
  11. Probox

    What do the experts use on your desk?

    Hi everyone. I just purchased a new (old) desk to do my clockmaking work on. I was wondering what the group does for a work surface. Do you just work on the surface as is or do you place down anything to make it easier on the eyes and to find screws etc, or so that things don't bounce...
  12. Probox

    Not a clock per se - Pendulum

    I just acquired this pendulum with a bunch of clock "stuff" a box lot. Rather large and heavy has any of you clock experts out there seen this before? I am thining ITR clock maybe? Measures 26cms in length. Quite heavy.
  13. Probox

    French clock signed "Priouzet" circa 1900 or so

    HI, I purchased this very ugly clock at auction online, so I had no chance to inspect it in person. It sat around the house for a month(working well) before I decided to take the movement out for a look. It's a french drum movement that is unsigned. Usually pottery cases have a pottery mark...
  14. Probox

    Need help setting strike on French Round Movement

    Hi, I have a French round movement by Samuel Marti, actually made for Tiffany & Co which was a nice surprise when I removed it from the case. I dissassembled, cleaned in ultrasonic and put back together and oiled. This is where I wished I had made note of where the warning wheel, gathering...
  15. Probox

    Picked up a Lenzkirch and The World's Ugliest Porcelain Clock

    Two new acquisitions for me to play with. I picked up a round school clock thinking it was a typical British clock and because I purchased online I was hoping for a fusee movement. Turned out it wasn't but what did happen is that the movement was a Lenzkirch Aug movement dating back to about...
  16. Probox

    Center Cam problem - Center arbor won't seat properly

    Hi. I am working on a common Hermle 340-020 movement, my brothers clock actually. I replaced the mainsprings. I put back together and experienced a power loss. While the clock runs I can easily tell I'm not getting enough rotation from the balance. I know it's a loss of power so I figured bent...
  17. Probox

    Clock keeps stopping - platform escapement - what to look for?

    Hi. I'm working on a friends Smiths Astral Ships clock movement. He had just purchased it and said it didn't run. I shook it and it ran for a few seconds. I figured a good cleaning. I disassembled, cleaned in ultrasonic, polished pivots, re-assembled and oiled. It still stopped after about 15...
  18. Probox

    Here is my other movement - help identifying - grateful

    Hi, this is the second of three movements I recently acquired at auction. This one appears to be a grandfather clock movement also. Seems to have a musical cylinder attached to it, maybe for chimes? Any info would be great! It's in the original box, not sure if it's used or new, doesn't look new.
  19. Probox

    Got a clock movement Grandfather I believe; can you help identify?

    Hi I bought a few clock movements recently at auction and I need help with identifying this one. I think it's a grandfather clock movement by the base, looks like it should sit on a board and have two chains....which I don't have, nor do I have the pendulum and I notice the suspension spring is...
  20. Probox

    Threading a new wire for Hermle floating balance movement?

    Hi. I have a broken Hermle Floating balance movement. I've removed the broken wire and now I wish to replace the wire. I have a good guage wire that will fit inside the jewel but threading it is near impossible. I get it in through one end and it cannot find it's way out the other end no...

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