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    Clock striking 12 strikes every hour

    I just cleaned an oiled a 1930's English made mantel clock and it was gonging 12 times every hour! Grrrrr! Thanks for the advice, it is now behaving itself!
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    PRO Clock Skeleton clock

    I recently purchased this skeleton clock. It runs, but it does not ring the bell. I assume the wire on the hammer is out of place, but I can't see where it should go. Does anyone have a diagram?
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    Linden Anno 1750 Gravity Clock

    I also have an Anno 1750 Linden sawtooth gravity clock. I took it apart, cleaned and oiled it, but it would only work with a bit of pressure on the top. On the bottom of the clock there is an adjustable nail so you can stabilize the clock on the wall. I turned it as far as it would go and...
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    Seiko Quartz Wall clock with Pendulum

    Thank you so much for all your help! The picture was great. I many many attempts to put it together , but this morning I did it! The pendulum has worked perfectly for a couple of hours, so it's not just momentum! Thank you again!.
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    Regula Cuckoo Clock Music Box Won't Turn Off

    I have a great picture of a ceiling mounted music box from your site, with arrows and descriptions, which is very helpful. My music box looks like it has a wire attached to a screw that does nothing! The clock works and keeps proper time. The cuckoo and music are a mystery to me. Once it...
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    Seiko Quartz Wall clock with Pendulum

    I bought this clock at an estate sale. There were pieces laying inside, so I didn't know if it would work. The time and chimes work perfectly, but the pendulum does not work. I think at least one piece belongs inside the pendulum case. I can't find a diagram online Can anyone help?
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    E.N. Welch Forestville Steeple Clock

    There are 2 winding arbors so I assumed hour and half hour strikes. I have seen these described as 30 hour! That also explains why it won't run for more than a day! Thanks!
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    E.N. Welch Forestville Steeple Clock

    I have taken this clock apart, cleaned it and oiled it. I've obviously missed something, because it chimes on the hour only, not the half hour. I am ready to take it apart again, but need to know what to look for. Thanks!

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