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    Clock Beat Plate Image - Gent C7 Transmitter (circa 1970)

    Good Day, Looking for an accurate scan of a Gent C7 transmitter Beat Plate to fab. a replica from, if possible. Original 'plastic' plate is badly damaged and illegible. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, Kind Regards,
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    Original Mainspring Dimensions -HAC W77 Movement

    Hi All, Could anyone please advise what the original dimensions were for the mainsprings fitted to these movements in the Going and Strike trains at the time of manufacture ? The movement is marked as follows: W77 over "Crossed arrows", ie 'HAC', bottom left hand side of rear plate. 187/35...
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    HAC Wall Clock Mod No 956 Pics ?

    Hi, Does anyone please have a catalog or other pic/s of an HAC Wall Clock (Regulator type) No 956 ? This number is on a label pasted onto the back of the Clock. The Clock has a Werk 36 Movement, no numbers at all on the back plate. Looking for pics to help reassemble a broken case and get an...

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