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    removal of crutch and anchor

    Hi ladies and gentleman can someone tell me the best way to remove the crutch and anchor from this shaft so i can re-pivot both ends its a gustav becker p64 movement tried heating but crouch just turns on shaft.
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    vienna weights

    how do you make Vienna weights -- more the bottom ie got the tube how do you get the bottom disc to stay in place while you pour the lead does it automatically stick to the molten lead or do you solder it first
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    Tiffany never wind

    hello all I have a very early tiffany never wind clock that I need help with Do you think it would be worth restoring it would mean someone else to do it or ebay it out please see photos
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    makers mark

    could someone tell me what the makers mark on this dial is/says
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    gustav becker p64

    I have a Gustuv Becker twin weight with a p64 movement but its missing the suspension. Can anyone tell me the correct suspension it should have, when I got it it had a piece of plastic with a 2" panel pin through it to hold the pendulum (it didn't work )
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    bulle clock magnet bar clamp

    Does anyone have a spare magnet clamp like the one in photo willing to pay
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    ultrasonic cleaning liquid

    does anybody make their own ultrasonic cleaning fluid what do you use ?
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    Could someone tell me the maker of this mark please
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    Just got this pocket watch given to me can anyone id it pls it has DF&C which i assume is the maker swiss made 21 jewels and Selex on a wheel and sadj on movement DB&co on inner back lid 9 375
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    clock maker

    can anyone identify this clock maker this all it has on the back of movement the s/n is on the weight and the pendulum first time i have seen s/n on pendulum
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    E bracket wanted

    wanted the E bracket from a Juf got the part that goes into the top saddle just the E part missing the actual part that hold the suspension Can anybody help
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    Can somebody identify this movement pls

    as title it’s french as it says Paris on gong holder but that’s about all I know
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    makers mark ?

    can anybody shed some light on the maker of the trade mark in photo below I know its schutz marke but I associate that with a oval shape never seen this mark before any idea year ect ect
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    vienna clock weights

    I have just been given a two weight Vienna clock , the case was full of worm and no weights. I have stripped it down ,cleaned in u/sonic tank checked all the pivots and holes ( all look good) reassembled in a case I had spare- all good I took some weights from another Vienna clock and...
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    Tool mumford microset wanted

    is there anyone retiring /giving up that has a mumford microset for sale many thanks
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    help !!

    I have a bulle clockett its not being very nice to me I have cleaned it in u/sonic and reassembled now the bad part !! when I adjust the pin to run in the middle of the fork the clock picks up two teeth at a time when I lower the pin it picks up one tooth but comes to a stop after about...
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    G/B Twin weight regulator

    I have just received the above clock in good condition. I have stripped it cleaned all pivots and bushes. My problem is it will only work with extra weight on the time side, I have put an extra weight on the time side and its worked now for four days. what can I do to correct this help !!
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    broken drill in pivot

    hi all - I acquired a carriage clock from a charity/ thrift store a while ago and have now got around to having a look at it, as soon as I loosened the plate screws a wheel fell out. On inspection the pivot was broken off BUT on closer inspection it seems someone has already tried to fix by...
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    badische 30 day clock spring

    I have recently acquired a Badische 30 day clock, and as with all the '400' day clocks I got I would like to replace the main spring BUT !! cant find one does anyone know where to get one in England ? Mervyn Passmore's Anniversary Clock Identification book say the spring is 8mm x 0.3 x 400mm...
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    scissor clock

    I have just got this scissor clock and as you can see its missing its pendulums,does anyone know or can recommend where / how to get some I believe its by John Wildings, does anyone know how to get in contact with him ? he might be able to sell me some

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