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  1. Daniel W.

    Can't Post in Discussion section for the CPR Waltahm Records

    I found a couple more Waltham '83 CPR watches to add to the list of known serial numbers. I went to put them into the discussion section so the table could be updated and there is no reply button at the bottom of the last post. Therefore I have no way to let Kent or, whoever does the editing...
  2. Daniel W.

    American PW Waltham Model '92 Train

    Hey guys I have a '92 23 jewel Vanguard that I'm having to replace the 4th wheel. I have one that measures out real nice. How is the best way to check this train before I assemble the entire movement?
  3. Daniel W.

    American PW '92 escape for 17 jewel ATCo.

    Guys I need an escape for '92 Waltham AT&Co. 17 jewel. Mine is an early first run. Will any 17 jewel work or did they change pivot sizes later on?
  4. Daniel W.

    My Lastest Tu Tone

    First tu-tone I have seen in this pattern. It's an 825 Waltham in a badly worn Fortune case so I think the 24 hour dial is original.
  5. Daniel W.

    First ATCo. Gilt Damaskeen with this pattern

    I have about 10 or 12 of these gilt damaskeen Appleton Tracy Co. Walthams. I have shopped on the big auction website for a long time but I've never seen this particular pattern on ATCo. Does anybody else have one with this pattern?
  6. Daniel W.

    Rockford Model 7 Grade 87 Dual Setting

    I have a Rockford with the screw on the plate to turn from pendent set to lever set. Can anyone shed any light on how this is suppose to work. Mine will not change from Lever to pendent and I was wondering how this set up worked. Is the setting mechanism under the dial or internal? Thanks for...
  7. Daniel W.

    American PW Rockford Model 7 Grade 87 Dual setting Problem

    Got trouble with dual setting. When I turn the screw on the plate the pendent set don't work. I've removed the stem to see if it might be out of adjustment but no help. Any idea where to start? Is the setting mechanism under the dial like most or internal?
  8. Daniel W.

    $ 23 Ruby Jewel Vanguard

    What's it worth? It's a 23 Ruby Jewel Vanguard with Ruby spelled out like on the 21J. I have never saw a 23 Ruby Jewel Vanguard. Has anyone seen one of these before?
  9. Daniel W.

    My New Rocky Tu Tone

    Although not a dedicated collector I just couldn't pass this one up. What do you guys think? It came in a nice factory display case also. Notice it has no bow.
  10. Daniel W.

    7J Elgin Refuses to Run

    OK it's a 7J Elgin. I know I know but it's a watch too. I have cleaned and put it back together about 6 times. It refuses to run. I've tried each gear individual all work with the gear next to it. Put them all together it will not move. I've gotten upset and put pressure on the third wheel...
  11. Daniel W.

    Mechanical WW Cloroxing a Dial for Hairlines

    Guys I have never done this Clorox thing to help with cleaning the hairlines on a dial. Would someone give me some suggestions on how to do this? Do you leave it setting in Clorox or does that fade the numbers? Working on a regular 18s porcelain dial.
  12. Daniel W.

    $ '92 Vanguard 21 jewel Non Magnetic

    What's a '92 Vanguard 21 jewel Non Magnetic hunter 24 hour DS Arabic numbers worth? Great condition and clean dial no issues anywhere on watch or dial. Sterling Silver 4 oz case in excellet condition.
  13. Daniel W.

    $ 18s Vanguard 23 Jewel W I

    1) '92 Great OF watch in excellent condition with 24 hour Arabic dial. Silveroide swing out case. I'll have pictures tomorrow. I'm trying to help a buddy out. Can't tell it's ever been carried. I know Pictures pictures pictures but trust me it;s in the great condition I said. 2) '92 18s OF 21...
  14. Daniel W.

    '92 Private Label Two Tone

    I got this piece a month or so back. I have since been told it is quite rare for a '92 model to be Private Label such as this one. Both movement and dial are marked with the name. I'll post more pictures after I get her cleaned up. Does anybody have another '92 PL they would share to possibly...
  15. Daniel W.

    Help me ID this watch Please

    I thought I would ask if anyone has any suggestions on the maker of this watch. No name No serial number This watch has dual setting mechanism. Key set /Key Wind and also PIN Set/ Stem Wind. Plain SS dial with Roman numerals. They are hard to see but it is a fairly high jeweled movement. Thanks...
  16. Daniel W.

    Serial number Database Down ?

    I have tried all day to get into the serial number database with no luck. Does anybody know what's wrong? Does anybody have any idea if someone is working on it?
  17. Daniel W.

    1 of 500 Waltham Grade 40

    Here's my Grade 40 I picked up a couple months ago. There was only 500 made. I feel pretty lucky to have this one. Now I just need to get some clothes on her.
  18. Daniel W.

    American Waltham Watch Case Co.

    Guys I've tried to find the hallmarks used in the Waltham made watch cases. I'm not having any luck and there is no encyclopedia article on American Waltham Watch Case Co. This particular case has Century as a hallmark. What all did Waltham use for their hallmarks and what are their contents...
  19. Daniel W.

    '83 Appleton Tracy "Gold Plate" in the Fat Book

    Guys I was plundering thru the "Fat Book" the other day and found something I have never heard of. On page 113 in the Waltham Section about half way down the page there is Non-Magnetic in bold type. The next watch down is listed as AT&Co. '83 gold plate. Does anyone have one of these "gold...
  20. Daniel W.

    Help with 1912 Crescent Street with Wind Indicator

    Is this 24 hour dial most common on these watches? How many of these were made? The DB has it as only 1 run of 1000. Serial number 20091113. It's in a 14K GF Crescent Watch Case Co. case. I like this style case where the stem stays with the movement when you open it.

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