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  1. doc_fields

    What is it?

    Yes, it is a knurling tool.
  2. doc_fields

    Restoring L&R Master

    You might be able to tap it out by using a screw driver or small diameter punch through the slots on top of the motor housing, and directing your taps against the steel plates of the field, not the coils. Alternate from one spot to another so as not to cock the assembly as it comes loose. The...
  3. doc_fields

    Cable/Pulley Retainer for Grandfather Clocks

    Could you refer me to that post Shutt? I'd like to see what he did, or how you do it. Thanks!.................gary
  4. doc_fields

    Cable/Pulley Retainer for Grandfather Clocks

    Thanks Thomas. I leave it with the customer, at least in this case. They live a little ways from me. It costs less than $3.00, just a little time to make it. Thanks again!.................gary
  5. doc_fields

    Cable/Pulley Retainer for Grandfather Clocks

    Cables can be a MESS when unwound from the drum and loose, agreed? I think everyone agrees on this. I've been working on a Herschedes hall clock movement for the last few months, correcting and repairing things that went wrong, and things that were helped along that way. In Conover's book on...
  6. doc_fields

    Steven Conover

  7. doc_fields

    Steven Conover

    Does Steven still have his discussion board? I've not been able to find it online. Thanks!...........................gary
  8. doc_fields

    Calculating Wheel Train Counts

    Is there any reference material on figuring or calculating wheel train counts for long running clocks (I'm looking at 1 year, and not a 400 day type clock ;)) using a weight, no springs or fusee. I'm not much of a math whiz, but would like to learn some of this. And, BTW, how are train counts...
  9. doc_fields

    one of my fave go-to tools....

    The angled part is also handy as a guide for sharpening drill bits. I couldn't see the finer details in your picture, but along that angle are division mark's so that each side of the drill flutes are cut or ground to the same length, not off-center. If memory serves me right, (correct me if...
  10. doc_fields

    A mainspring and protocol unheeded

    Wow! I can't believe this thread is still being viewed and commented on. But, I am glad it's been useful and people are made aware of the dangers inherent in working with main springs.............gary.
  11. doc_fields

    ER Collets

    Thanks, I'll look into it!................gary
  12. doc_fields

    ER Collets

    What would I need, beside the ER Collets, to use them in my Sherline lathe and mill? Thanks!................gary
  13. doc_fields

    Simple Tool(s) For Clock Assembly and Testing

    I found a simple method to ease clock assembly and for testing purposes. I came up with the idea of using small hitchpins. Normally, we would have to insert wires in the post holes to retain levers and whatnot. If something needs to be adjusted or removed, then we have to take the wires out...
  14. doc_fields

    Second hand revolves in 50 seconds, not 60, on brand new movement

    Hermle used to put a thin wire spring that laid against the second hand shaft as it comes through the front plate. It's purpose was to keep slight pressure against the second hand shaft to keep it from walking forward between beats, IF I remember correctly. I could be wrong...............gary
  15. doc_fields

    What is the missing part here on Herschede tubular clock?

    Well, after many hours searching the internet for R and M Imports website, the former purchasers and owners of the Herschede Clock Co. complete inventory, I found that www.griffensclocks.com had purchased their entire inventory of the aforementioned parts, plus the S. LaRose inventory that R...
  16. doc_fields

    Horological Heresy?

    Sometimes the tolerance between the shaft, and the lever's pivoting point are very close. A tapered pin pushed in may not rub against the lever on the narrow end of the pin, but the wider end on the opposite side can rub, causing a problem. Now that is assuming the pin has been neatly trimmed...
  17. doc_fields

    Horological Heresy?

    The brass wire I have is for making springs, so it is harder and sharper. I tried looking up some of these on the internet, changing words and things, but all I got for my trouble were humongous hitchpins for trailer hitches. I went to Auto Zone, they had a pack of them, an assortment, for...
  18. doc_fields

    Horological Heresy?

    I perfectly understand!..............gary
  19. doc_fields

    Horological Heresy?

    That's true!...........................gary
  20. doc_fields

    Horological Heresy?

    Will; What would you do then if you wouldn't use hitchpins? Do you use the wire method I mentioned? If so, how do you do it? Just curious:) Thanks for your reply!.................gary

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