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  1. Robert Gordon

    Book Want to buy books, pamphlets, auction catalogs, back issues, special issues, publications...

    I have this thing about books, if I have it, I can find it. On the internet...let's see, where was that...when in fact it doesn't exist anymore, Joe's server didn't have a surge protector, got hit by lightning, and that was that. POOF! I tried to get anything that might be in paper onto the...
  2. Robert Gordon

    Portland, Oregon: Chapter 31 (Officially "Pacific Northwest")

    1. As we start the New Year and decade, thought it might be handy to start posting here for those looking for Chapters near them that we are in the Portland area. 2. Like any other thread on this NAWCC site, you can reply to it, post questions, etc. You may not get a reply for a couple of days...
  3. Robert Gordon

    Chapter 31 December 15th Banquet.

    Members and Non-Members (come check us out, you'll probably want to join us...), With all the commotion of Thanksgiving behind us, there is even more commotion on the horizon with all the festivities before the year-end. Makes you want to be able to sit down and relax for a little change of...

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