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    marked Omega Seamaster marked 18K

    Let me know what you think of this one
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    2 Tone 17J Hampden 702,581

    just nice early Hampden 2 tone 17J - swls - I thought odd to have pinned dial feet ( no dial screws ) has DS Hampden Watch Co dial
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    Guinness Time $ watch

    Wondering if others have seen this before ? Tucan rocks back & forth - Great Britian made - sorry about the pictures - can't take other pic
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    A W C Co Pat Jan 31 1885 silver KW

    Interesting case - 1 hinge for front & back - both fit together for one seam - I assume for improved dust proofing Thought I'd share this & other posts when I was putting the display case away today!
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    Waltham Patented & Pat. Apl'd for silver cases

    1st A W W Co Coin Pat Apr 22.79 - June 9,85 - Aug 18.85 - have not seen with this type metal insert in case back & has 2 screw ring in case 2nd. Pat Apl'd For Am Watch Co Waltham Mass silver case Don't remember sharing these before or seeing them here before
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    Unusual display case

    This is an 18s display case with a locator pin hole - that screws on & off with about 1 quarter turn! I assume it's earlier do to locator pin hole - only one I've seen - anyone know who made it or used these for shipping movts ?
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    Illini 21J 5 pos serial #

    Picture of the movement shows what looks like a backwards capitol D 705462 can you explain that >
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    Invar Balance marked dial on 19J BWR

    BWR 16s 15,291,024 has Invar balance dial - grade 372 & it doesn't seem correct! Have 28,436,104 with Invar balance dial - it's hairspring is different ! Thoughts ? - Didn't know when Elgin Started Invar use - 15 mil seems to early Bob
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    Show your most recent addition to your wrist watch collection

    Don't collect many WW's typically but just couldn't resist the NOS 1970 Bulova with original boxes. NO signs of every been on a wrist - different shape & unusual band Share your latest addition !
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    Show your J Boss & Dueber early gold filled key wind cases

    Another thread was showing early Ladd case - recently got couple boss & Dueber early kw case 1st a great J Boss Patent hunter case 2nd Boss Case - dust ring marked Jas Boss dust proof 3rd Dueber ( anchor symbol ) Fell free to add some of yours!
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    B Fitts Holliston Mass #3 verge fusee

    D B Fitts Holliston Mass movement case hallmarked 1833 - A watchmaker in his own shop in Holliston until 1838 - later worked for Edward Howard Clock factory Roxbury & early Waltham Companies leading to Waltham & then Waltham - Fitt's Pat reverse center pinion is his This was briefly discussed...
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    Tudor Oyster & Tudor Oyster Air Tiger

    I was wondering if these dials should be refinished - not planning to sell - will be grand kids gifts - Black dial Air King can barely be read with a loupe - Who is doing a really good job refinishing these dials ? Costs ? Bob
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    Franck Muller Crazy Hours -- Replica ?

    I assume this is a Replica - - movement runs awhile & stops - is a replacement movement available ( likely less than repairing) Your opinion & information would be appreciated ?
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    USWCo Marion NJ prices in Salisbury Bros & Co Providence R I small Catalogue

    Had this a long time & just ran across it again. Salisbury Bros & Co Catalogue No 79 has an ad for George Channing & Edwin Rollo United States Watch Co Marion NJ watches for sale
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    United States Watch Co marked SWBS case

    Haven't seen another like this - USWCo marked sturdy silver case - open face but set up for stem wind button set movement - looks to be original - typical HC swbs Marion fits it & typical USWCo button pusher fits - it came to me with w/o movt & back case needing hinge pin What are your thoughts...
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    S D Engle's Patent Apr 24 66 on C J & Bro eagle hallmarked silver HC

    Anyone recognize the S D Engle Patent ( dust cover for the winding hole ?) or the maker of C J & Bro hunter case ?? came to me with an early USWCo Marion in it
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    Share all your Newark Watch Co serial # & info

    I've been planning to collect & compile information on all Known Newark Watch Co watches for quite awhile - So here it goes - I'll be sharing my info on over 110 I have information about - in groups as time permits! PLEASE SHARE YOUR'S !! I hope once we have a lot of info collected I can...
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    James Russel & Co Hartford Conn #331

    I realize this is not American made but many in the model 57 Waltham collectors have discussed & speculated about James Russel early Waltham 57 knock offs. Question I have is this case has a Nov 16th 1862 on the dust cover & Later date - Is this realistic for this Warranted trade mark No 1 coin...
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    Presented to Doc C. Rawley by Employees of Sayre System Group L V R R 3-12-13

    Wondering if anyone knows this Doc C Rawley ? L V R R employee ? ? ?
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    Early Jas Boss YGF kw case & C N Thorpe & co paper

    I was wondering about this watch paper in Jas Boss case Patent dust ring Pat March 10, 1868 with neat factory watch paper - paper states manufactured under James Boss Patent - signed C N Thorpe & Co at bottom. I'm to assume made by C N Thorpe using James Boss patent design for construction as...

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