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  1. Marty101

    Waltham Secometer Restoration

    Friends, I was given a non-running Waltham Secometer movement as partial payment for some work. I'm paying to have a COA made on her, which may have been a foolish move monetarily... Are these interesting movements similar to the Hamilton 12s/M.910 and etc. when it comes to getting a case...
  2. Marty101

    Stems and Bushing Adjusting-or Not

    Friends, I'm trying to save a silver 18s Dueber hunter case. The case is worth the effort; I've done everything but a hinge repair. But finding the right stem/crown has been a problem for a long time...however,I finally feel very close. I have attached a couple pics to help explain. The gold...
  3. Marty101

    Unmarked Hamiltons

    Friends,I have always had a thing for model 1 Hamilton 992's. But perhaps even more so for the unmarked movements. I came across a bare movement a year or so ago. That seemed odd to me-who would do such a thing? Anyway, I had her cleaned her up over time added dial, hands, and a later Keystone...
  4. Marty101

    Bunn Special 16S / 23 Jewels and Gold-?-Settings on the Mainspring

    A friend asked me to examine a 16s/23J Bunn Special pic of the movement, and see what I thought of the jewel setting on the mainspring. It appeared to be brass, or at least a different color gold from the other settings. He could find little data about this setting, and considering it was a...
  5. Marty101

    Hallmark Watch Co. - Waltham??

    I believe the Hallmark Watch Co. may be the former Waltham Watch Co.. Is that true? Can anyone confirm?
  6. Marty101

    Ferguson Dial Ads

    Friends,I have searched until I'm blue in the face. The old links are dead. Will someone please have mercy on me and post an old ad of a Fergie dial and hands? Thanks again-
  7. Marty101

    Unmarked Hamilton 16s Dial

    Can anyone help me ID this Hamilton dial? I came across this dial from a seller who had no idea what or where it was meant for...now I've had it for years. I just noticed a marked one currently selling on ebay today if anyone is interested. (not sure about sharing a link and rules?) I popped...
  8. Marty101


    Friends...please help. Give me a kick,anything...how in the name of all Pocket Watches,great AND small,can one member contact another through the PM? I'm bad at navigating here,obviously. I have spent way to long bouncing around. I have always answered received messages and never needed to...
  9. Marty101

    American PW Early Pocket Watch Hands

    Friends, I and others have noted how some early pocket watch hands,the hour hands only,were of two parts. Any data on how or why would be appreciated. Below is what I have noticed so far;I am sure more is out there. This concerns at least the Crescent and Fleur De Lis hour hands. I'm sure...
  10. Marty101

    Case ID Help

    Friends,I need some assistance identifying a case. It's wrapped around a very nice looking Hamilton #996, and I hope no one minds if I show that off as well. The data on the inside cover of this 25 year case includes "F.W.Co." and "AVALON". Here we go-
  11. Marty101

    AT&Co. 18s / Model 92

    I have noticed recently that the word "TRACY" was incorrectly spelled on the plates of a certain Waltham AT&Co. 18s / model 92 #8857071 pocket watch. Checking other like models I noticed the same error-"TRACY" spelled "TRARY" found sporadically into the 7577000 serial number range at least...
  12. Marty101

    Locked Out

    Friends,I have a pal who just acquired a beautiful old watchmakers work desk,roll top,lots of drawers,etc. The drawers are closed and locked,and he has no key. He is not sure how to proceed. Are these keys of a generic nature? Can the lock be picked easily? Anybody have experience with this?
  13. Marty101

    Hamilton #946 Barrel Wheel

    Friends,can anyone help me dissemble this #946 barrel wheel and plate? I'm really at a loss.
  14. Marty101

    Hamilton Movements and Shared Parts

    The Guide has a list on page 237 of Hamilton 16s grades that share parts,and the approximate percentage of the parts shared. It has come in very handy over the years. Does anyone know of a similar list for 18s Hamiltons? If anyone has naively bought #940 junkers for spare parts,he might know...
  15. Marty101

    NY City Watch Co. "Lever Winder"

    Friends,I need a main spring for a rare NYCWCo. Lever Winder. We have tried the Waltham size 2222,and now the Hampden 1696 which is a bit stronger. But it is not quite strong enough. Can anyone offer any suggestions? I don't know if Dollar Watches in general had stronger main springs that...
  16. Marty101

    Help With Unknown Pliers

    Friends,I have a couple of odd looking pliers. I can not begin to guess their function,and can use some help. Hopefully someone here has seen these-?
  17. Marty101

    Hamilton 969 Case

    Friends I have a Hamilton model 969 that was recently repaired. It still lacks dial and hands but I consider that a minor problem compared to casing this movement. I have been made to understand it is 17s,and that a Waltham model 88 case will fit. That is useful data but I am hoping for...
  18. Marty101

    Hampden Model 1 Dial

    Hampden 16s/ model 1's such as the 105 NR in Flag take a dial variation that is about .5mm off a "regular" 16s OF dial. They are tough to find! Does anyone know if an early model 2 dial will fit-?-say off of the D or H in Flag grades? They (some anyway) appear cosmetically the same.
  19. Marty101

    Stolen - Canadian Pacific and Santa Fe Walthams

    Friends,these were stolen from a customer of mine recently. Any leads would be appreciated.
  20. Marty101

    American Pocket Watch Hands and Mass Production

    There is a question I have never been able to answer concerning bluing pocket watch hands. Does anyone know how hands were blued when mass produced? I'm sure men originally blued hands much like I do now-but mass production must have come into play sometime in the eras we are concerned with...

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