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  1. CJo

    Dating kieninger

    Is there any way to date this movement? Thanks
  2. CJo

    English clock

    Does anyone recognize this mark? I looked in my European Trademark book and couldn’t find it. I was interested in dates, and company. Thanks
  3. CJo

    Circling pendulum

    Having issues with this pendulum making a circling movement. I’v Squared everything up, and still circles. What are your thoughts? TIA
  4. CJo

    Hamburg/American winding gears

    These are the winding gears from a Hamburg/American grandfather clock. In the past, I have always put these into my ultrasonic for cleaning as is, but am now questioning rather I should. What do you do? I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks
  5. CJo

    Clock style info

    This clock has a Schlenker Sohne Schwenningen movement in it. Was wondering if someone could tell me what style of clock it is, Empire possibly? Also if you might have an approximate age or year for it. Thanks!
  6. CJo

    Schlenker Sohne Schwenningen

    Does anyone know about what year this movement would be? I can’t seem to find anything on the name and years they were in business. Thanks
  7. CJo

    Cuckoo Clock MFG. Co. Inc.

    Was wondering if anyone has one of these and would share a photo of the back? It’s a triple chime, works , but is missing some pretty important parts Thanks!
  8. CJo

    Never seen this before. Odd part in Gilbert movement.

    This is something I’ve never seen before. First thought it was a someone’s way of doing a bushing but not sure. This surely isn’t part of the original movement, is it? This is a Gilbert movement out of a kitchen clock. What are your thoughts or inputs. Thanks!
  9. CJo

    Selfwinding cleaning & repair

    Are there any good videos of cleaning and repair of selfwinding clock movements?
  10. CJo

    Junghans pivot hole damage

    Starting on this project and I knew that this had been cracked by a previous repairer. Looked worse on the inside of the plate after disassembling. Not sure the best route to go with it. This is the pivot hole for the wheel that drives the escape wheel. I have included several pics of the same...
  11. CJo

    Small New Haven hairspring clock

    I have several of these New Haven small hairspring clocks and need some advice. In one of the photos, it shows a collet on the center wheel that is cracked. There is an arrow pointing to it. Is this suppose to be a press fit collet? (Excuse me if I am using the wrong terminology) It is loose...
  12. CJo

    grandfather center minute arbor

    First time for me on this type of movement. It's an Erhart Jauch Uhrenfabrik grandfather movement, not sure of the year. Is the cam on the center arbor pressed on like Hermle has theirs or does it come off differently? I don't want to proceed till I get some guidance on this one. Pretty sure...
  13. CJo

    Erhard Jauch Uhrenfabrik

    I was wondering if anyone could date a Erhard Jauch Unrenfabrik movement for me? It’s in a grandfather clock. The numbers on the back of the movement, which I assume are the serial numbers, are 206348. Thanks for your help.
  14. CJo

    Mercury look plugs

    I have several of the crystal regulators in my collection and always thought the pendulum‘s had mercury in them. But now I’m finding out that they are probably just plugs to look like mercury in the American made crystal regulators. Somebody told me that if you tilt the pendulum and the mercury...
  15. CJo

    340-020 question

    Can anyone tell me why so many of the 340-020 movements have the pivot hole for the fork on the back of the movement not flush with the plate. I have noticed this on quite a few. Picture attached.
  16. CJo

    pivot mushroom

    So my question is, at what point do you do a complete pivot replacement, rather than grinding down the pivot? I have a clock that has a lot of bad pivots, most of which I ground down, but the one I'm on right now, will take it from about a .050" to a .035", by the time I grind it down, and I've...
  17. CJo

    Statue clock

    I was just curious to see if anyone might have an idea on this clock, about what year it was made, maker , and if it possibly had a name (looks like an artist person) It is about 21" tall, and if it were all there, would be about 20" wide. Thanks
  18. CJo

    Urgos tubular

    I was wondering if anyone would have a ball park age for this Urgos? The back has the numbers 50964 and UW 3/18 A. Thanks!
  19. CJo

    Super Dummies Course needed

    I bought this jewelers regulator at auction about 5 years ago and have had it hanging in my front room. Up until recently, it ran beautifully, but now having problems. Tried just oiling the pivots, but still wouldn't keep running. I have never taken one of these apart and initially thought it...
  20. CJo

    Watch batteries

    Lately had more people needing battery replacements. The two places that used to do them have quit. Wasn’t something I wanted to deal with originally. But now would like to have an assortment available. Where is the best place to buy an assortment that is usable or is it better to just have just...

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