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    If you could only have one RR watch...

    I would have to say my Rockford 900
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    Mystery clock

    You folks saved me a few hundred. I can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge. George
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    Mystery clock

    They would not let me take clock off wall. This was the best I could do for movement.
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    Mystery clock

    Tick tock time. I greatly appreciate your info. You saved me purchasing this. I agree, the case looked old, but crude. I mostly collect pocket watches, but if I see a nice wall clock... George
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    Mystery clock

    Any thoughts what this might be? It is at an estate sale. Thanks
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    NAWCC Events Forum

    Thank you Tom!
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    NAWCC Events Forum

    Good afternoon Tom. I see there is a tab for 2020 events. Is it a possibility we can get a tab for 2021 Events? Thank you! I am hoping the show event people will populate it! George
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    Orphan South Bend 219

    Thank you John.
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    Orphan South Bend 219

    Thank you, I need to study a bit to determine an appropriate case. Being a South Bend 19j pendant set, it will be a fine carry watch.
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    Orphan South Bend 219

    Normally I shy away from non RR Grade watches. This was just too nice and looked lonely. 40 bucks at an antique mall. I had no choice
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    Florida MidWinter Meeting in Lakeland

    I appreciate this info. It would have been a difficult decision. See you in 2022!
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    New York Standard Watch Company

    5534794 picked this up before I fine tuned my likes
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    Elgin 18S Veritas dial

    Model 8 is tough to find. Thank you Rick!
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    left a Columbus King by my grandfather

    There are some very interesting threads on this site that cover Columbus Kings if you are interested. Pictures, data, etc. They can give you a better appreciation for the jewel you have. Hopefully others can give you tips on searching. Since the upgrade about the only thing I look at is...
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    Do you have a "rare" or "unusual" Elgin pocket watch?

    Love the Father Time's The gold gilt and the free sprung Thanks for the pics!
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    Yes, another Hamilton Pocket watch post

    Many jewelers do not actually repair them. They ship it out. I agree with the above statements. This board doesn't like people promoting their businesses here. That is why Private Messages are used. You are in the right place though. PM as requested above. You will be treated right, and fair...
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    How about posting your glass back salesman/display cases with movement.

    Nice thread. It is going to make me look for some glass backs for my watches.
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    "SNOWBIRD" Destinations this year..?

    Mid November we usually head south. Delaying until early next year. Safer at home we believe.
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    Restoring a 329 21j The Studebaker...

    I am amazed with your skills. One of my favorite watches. Thank you for saving this one!
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    Ad Blocking Software

    Tom, I appreciate the information. I now have a little better understanding of how things tie together. Thank you.

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