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    My attachments

    Hello, in the previous forum design there used to be a collection of my attachment and pictures. Is it gone? Frank
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    Removing Chronograph Hands

    I wonder if there is a safe way to remove tight sitting sweep second chronograph hands? Most times they are no issue, even are sitting too loose. But rarely a hand comes off its tube rivet. This is annoying with vintage watches when the hand is still original and good condition - and forces...
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    My first Bulle restored

    My first Bulle Clock(ette) no. 58772: got it some years ago, not running, by never had the time to restore it. Now I had. What were its issues? 1. the rear part of the top connecting plate was pinched off. 2. The suspension spring was repaired with steel blades! 3. top hairspring was...
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    Mysterious hairspring noise

    Recently there was a discussion in a German forum about that well known ringing hairspring noise. An audio file and its waveform picture I added below. Does anyone know the origin of this extra noise? My assumption is: the hairspring sticks to the regulator pin and comes free under higher...
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    English PW Balance staff English fusee

    I have to change the mentioned balance staff (1st time this type). It looks like it is a simple straight or tapered staff. The balance spoke has a riveted brass sleeve that contains the staff. How should I remove the old staff. If tapered, in which direction? Thanks for help, Frank
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    Peak back EMK issue on Eureka clocks

    Already earlier I suspected that the missing of any devices that can limit the back EMF on Eurekas may be the reason of coil damages. The old and brittle wire lacquer has to withstand voltage peaks of 150 volts and possibly more! It is very astonishing that none of the experts ever adressed this...
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    Eureka Eureka lubricating

    Hello, if time allows, I will finish my Eureka overhaul one day... But I wonder how to lubricate the ball bearings, where to place lubricant, and which oil or grease to use. Recommandations appreciated, Frank
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    A Software Timing Machine

    Here I was aked to post the free version of my software timing machine. I am happy to attach it below as a zip file, including a pdf that describes all features of the full version, too. Note: big zip-files are not possible here. So I changed it to ".txt". After download of the attached file...
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    Free programm for pendulum (clock) adjustment and calculation

    When setting a clock, one wonders how much of the pendulum length needs to be changed to correct a certain deviation. You can: - Try (inaccurate, takes several days) - Calculate (search for the formula, use math etc) - Look up a table (search for a table, still math necessary for the pitch)...
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    Do all Kundo electric clocks have parasitic oscillations?

    This question came up in the German DGC clock forum. link1 link2 One poster showed his (less appropriate) measurements on his Kundo (type with transistor in the coil). Visible were wild oscillations on the transitions between 'transistor closed' and 'open'. Picture from an audio file, shows...
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    Program for adjusting clocks

    Hello, there is a small helpful program for fast adjustment of pendulum clocks, which I would like to make available for the message board members. However I don't know how. When you post a new thread, "attachment" says: "Valid file extensions: bmp ... zip" - but zip-files are blocked actually...
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    Mystery Bergeon Staking Set

    This staking set I got many years ago and wonder since what its purpose is. It seems to be compiled for a special task. Does anyone know for which? The inserts are 2.5 mm diam. and have calibrated bores from 20 to 100/100 mm. There are an upper and lower holder for the inserts and only basic...
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    Brillie Brillie Age Question

    Hi, I bought this Brillie clock one week ago in poor condition. Now it runs very well again, but I wonder how old it is. The plate inside the clock says "BFF 10504". I found this clock has quite amazing electrical data, I hope to post some details soon. Regards, Frank

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