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    Illinois Springfield Watch Co. Grade 2 with Patent Winding Key

    Mark yours is the second key like that I’ve seen since I found mine 10 years ago. W. H. Bracy filed patent number 189,600 on April 17, 1877 for it. I have researched him but can’t lay my hands on it right now.
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    Hidden Key 18s Cases

    Here is a William H Bracy patented key that folds down and can stay with the watch or be removed. Only example I have seen.
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    What kind of watch?

    Terry - Jeff - Thanks. I'll pass this along to her.
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    What kind of watch?

    What can anyone tell me about this watch? The words on the movement are......L. Ferrin or Terrin, the name below it is....Locle.
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    Waltham Premier question

    Need a little help on identifying this for a friend. Belonged to a family member and now his. The markings on the movement have me a bit confused. I know little of Walthams. Movement says from top to bottom on left side of movement. nine jewels waltham bartlett colonial u.s.a. serial number...

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